VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer Video Trial Team

VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer Video Trial Team


VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer


8 women aged between 18-45 with short to long hair, all interested in finding a new hair tool with a reduced drying time and less heat.

Star rating during this trial*:

beautyheaven says:

Gone are the days when a hairdryer would simply use intense heat to dry your hair, damaging it IMMENSELY in the process. The VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer is different, with innovative technology that ensures hair dries quickly – sans damage. Featuring a ‘SmartTech’ brushless motor to extend the life of the dryer, VS Sassoon 3Q boasts noise reduction technology as well as an airspeed of 150km/h. The result? Hair dries faster and is less susceptible to heat damage.

During this trial, members were impressed with the quietness, quickness and quality of the dryer and noted it dried their tresses in around half the time. Many testers also commented on the look and feel of their hair, claiming it looked shinier and felt softer after using the dryer. The majority of triallers appreciated the cool blast setting, which allowed them to set their hairstyle in place, meaning it lasted longer than usual. Many members praised the lightweight and easy-to-handle design of the dryer, and appreciated the fact that the VS Sassoon 3Q Dryer comes with a five-year warranty.

You say:

“I thought it was freaking amazing! The brushless motor technology makes it light and compact and also reduces drying time as the airflow is maximised. It is also quieter and extends the life of the hairdryer. I really enjoyed using it, and found that yes, it dried my hair quicker and even using the hairdryer in 30 degree weather did not bother me!” – cozzle85. Read more…
“This new hair dryer from VS Sassoon is extremely good. It has new brushless motor technology and is called 3Q because it’s quicker, quieter and better in quality than regular dryers. It’s also very light in weight, which makes it easy to use and is much faster than my current hair dryer or any dryer I have ever used before. Oh, and definitely less noisy!” – Nidhi1. Read more…
“It has a fantastic cool blast setting, which is to be used at the end of blow drying to help lock in the style and add shine. The first time I used the hair dryer I didn’t use this setting and thought my hair looked great. The second time I used the hair dryer and used the setting for one minute. I saw a difference and was so impressed. My hair did look shinier and my style lasted longer. The 3Q dryer claims to be 40 per cent less noisy, and although when you have it on you think it isn’t that much quieter, I took off the end attachment that creates the quietness in the dryer and there was a big difference in sound.” – Beautalicious. Read more…
“After use, I do notice less frizz and I only need to use minimal styling products to tame any flyaways. My hair stays straight all day! The continuous cool air setting (normally found in high-end dryers) is a favourite of mine as it allows you to cool down hair at the end of styling, and it doubles up as a high-speed cooling fan to quicken the drying time of my nail polishes :).” – Lilypilly. Read more…

*Rating refers to the 8 members included in this trial and is correct as of 20 November 2014.

Have you tried the VS Sassoon 3Q Hairdryer? What do you look for in a hairdryer?

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