Recreate the Angel hair

Recreate the Angel hair

By now, no doubt you’ve seen plenty of photos of the world’s most envied women all smiles as they strut their stuff in barely-there underwear. Of course, I’m talking about the catwalk queens – the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

And while it’s hard not to stare at those pins, here in the haircare world our eyes filter upward to those ridiculously good manes.

Wondering how you can get your hair to look that good? We called on hair genius, celebrity stylist and owner of Sydney’s RAW hair salon, Anthony Nader, to tell all. Believe it or not, he says recreating the famous Victoria’s Secret runway hair comes down to having a less-is-more approach.

“The secret is not overdoing it, so just ease up on all that extra hairstyling,” he says.

Fabulous news. So with that in mind, let’s get styling!

VS tip #1

Always use a light to medium hold foam on damp hair and work through roots to ends for even coverage.

Try: KMS California ADDVOLUE Styling Foam

VS tip #2

Blow-dry your hair using a medium round brush with loads of bristles to get a smooth, shiny result.

Try: Cloud Nine Radial Boar Bristle Blow-Dry Brush

VS tip #3

Invest in two differently sized large hot barrel tongs. Start from the bottom and alternate between the two for each section.
Top tip: Pick up your sections on a diagonal to add extra oomph and body to hair.  

ghd curve soft curl tong,  MUK Haircare Curl Stick

VS tip #4

If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, wrap each section into a large barrel and pin until your hair cools down. It’ll be well worth your time. Promise.

Try: Lady Jayne Bobby Pins – Contoured

VS tip #5

Take your tongs to the sections, making sure they are super smooth and knot-free. You’re going for a beautifully rippled texture, not a boho bird nest. Refrain from curling all of your ends – doing so will give your final look more of an evening vibe.

VS tip #6

Once you’re done tonging the hair, tilt your head back and shake out the waves gently. If you want more grip and hold, grab a coloured dry shampoo and spray the roots before gently massaging the product in with your fingertips.

Try: Batiste Dry Shampoo Dry Colour Shampoo

Anthony’s secret: For those fine-haired females who want to maximise the VS trademark rippled waves, pop in a few clip-in hair pieces for instant va-va-voom.

Voila! Who’s ready for a selfie?

source: instagram @iza_goulart

Will you try recreating the Victoria’s Secret waves?

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