Valentine’s Day ‘dos to suit your date night


Ah Valentine’s Day. The day to celebrate love and all the joys that come with it. The single day of the year when you’re allowed to be totally cheesy and the day that encourages you to enjoy a special night with just you and your cuddle bunny… erm, I mean special someone…

So what’s on the agenda for February 14? A romantic dinner for two? Heading outdoors for a secluded picnic? Well on a day like Valentine’s Day it definitely pays to be prepared in the hair stakes – you don’t want to be suffering from un-sexy, messy strands now do you? The answer is no, you want to look equal parts sweet and sexy – and we’ve got just the styles to pull it off, no matter what your special someone has in store…

VALENTINE’S DAY DATE #1: Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Want to seriously grab his attention from across the dinner table? Carmen Electra’s ‘do has it all – it’s girly and feminine on the side where your curls sit and sexy and rebellious on the side where your neck is left bare. Reow.

–    To begin, wash and dry your hair with a blow dryer until it’s about 80 per cent dry.
–    Apply a little nourishing oil to the ends of your hair while it air dries. We love L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil because it’s built for every hair type and non-greasy.
–    Next, part your hair to one side and take your Remington Perfect Curls to the side without the part (the side with more hair). Section your hair into small pieces and wrap each piece around the tong, holding each piece for around five seconds before letting go.
–    Repeat the steps until all of your hair has been curled with the hair tool.
–    Spritz your hair generously with hair spray before lightly combing out each curl.
–    On the side of your head closest to where your hair part sits, pull the hair on the side tightly around the back of your head and secure in place near the nape of your neck with bobby pins.
–    Use a little hair gel to keep the hair on the side of your head sleek and smooth. We recommend VO5® Extreme Style [Matte Gel].

VALENTINE’S DAY DATE #2: A fun activity
So you’re heading to the outdoor theatre or for a fun-filled game of bowling are you? No sweat, Nina Dobrev’s sky-high pony will definitely see you through any situation in style.

–    Use your hair straightener to ensure your locks are poker straight.
–    Apply a volumising mousse to your locks, focusing on the crown area and the roots in particular. Work it into your roots using your fingertips. Try: Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Body Builder Mousse.
–    Next, take a comb and back comb the hair at the top of your head just slightly so that it’s still smooth looking, not bird nest-like.
–    Tilt your head back and scoop your hair back into a ponytail at the back of your head. No higher than the middle of your head.
–    Pull back the sides of your ponytail tightly, but leave some slack at the crown of your head so that your hair looks ‘lifted’, before securing with a hair elastic.

VALENTINE’S DAY DATE #3: Picnic in a romantic spot
If you’re headed out into nature on the most romantic day of the year for a picnic or a romantic stroll, Jennifer Lawrence’s milkmaid braid is the perfect ‘do to set the right mood. Simply add a daisy to your braid to be sweetly at one with nature.

For this style, we thought it would be easier to show you how to create it instead of telling you, so please view our tutorial below…

Which look do you think you’re most likely to create on Valentine’s Day? What do you have planned with your special someone?

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