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New beauty loot excites the pants off me, beauties. Place a newbie lip gloss in my hand and I’ll squeal like a small child. But do you know what else gets my juices flowing? Unexpectedly awesome beauty prods. You know, the ones you wouldn’t normally pick up, but when you do, your mind is officially blown. It’s a grand old feeling, really.

So, in an effort to spread the excitable love, here are five beauty products rocking both my and our bh members’ minds right now; beauty loot that definitely deserves your attention, whether you’ve given it the time of day before or not…

Avon Anew Clinical Luminosity Brightening Cream
When someone mentions Avon, images of an old-fashioned ‘Avon Lady’ turning up on your doorstep often spring to mind. However, its skincare is not to be sniffed at. Filled with technologically-advanced ingredients, all Avon’s highly-researched skin care lines are top notch. In fact, the brightening serum in its Clinical Luminosity line is a personal favourite of mine…

THE FANTASTIC REVIEW: “Don’t think of Avon as being stuck in the 1970s – far from it, actually! This product has altered my opinion of Avon forever. I had always thought of Avon as something housewives sold along with Tupperware back in the 70s and was fairly run-of-the-mill. Not so. This product, for instance, has all the hallmarks of a truly modern skin cream that honestly has visibly lightened my pigmentation spots.”- Cazza74

THE UNEXPECTED PRODUCTS:Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
Often snubbed for salon and more expensive buys, supermarket shampoos and conditioners are actually beyond impressive. This beauty aisle buy, for example, contains a brilliant blend of natural ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair, restoring it from root to tip. Surprising? Maybe, but totally welcomed.

THE FANTASTIC REVIEW: “The shampoo was easy to use… I noticed almost right away that my hair felt so much healthier and stronger and more manageable… Each time I left the conditioner in my hair for two minutes and it did what it claimed in that it really did restore moisture, softness and manageability. I noticed almost right away that my hair felt so much healthier and stronger and easier to maintain and more nourished. I strongly recommend this product as well as the shampoo.” – Dancr

THE UNEXPECTED PRODUCT:Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Despite celebrity fragrances dominating the perfume market, there’s still a little something taboo about purchasing one. They’re sometimes viewed as a lower quality, cheaper alternative, and preconceived as sickly sweet scents. Well, not so…

THE FANTASTIC REVIEW: “I absolutely love this perfume! I’m really picky and as a result, only own three perfumes. I was sceptical about this as it’s a “celebrity” fragrance, but I tried it on at DJ’s and I loved it so much… The bottle is also very cute. It’s purple with charms hanging off it. It’ll be nice to display once the bottle is empty.” – Jen18

THE UNEXPECTED PRODUCT: Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Balm
I don’t know about you, but when I was around seven years old, I never went anywhere without a flavoured Lip Smacker in my pocket. But now? It’s highly likely you’ll find a highly-pigmented, super-bright lipstick in there instead. However, one whiff of this soda-flavoured goodie and I’m officially hooked. Hello, soft drink without the calories!

THE FANTASTIC REVIEW: “Love Coke? You’ll love this lip balm! I’m slightly addicted to Coke so knowing that there was a lip smacker that was Coke flavoured… Well let’s say that I was over the moon. Being somewhat sceptical, I was anticipating the product would taste like a watered-down version of some inferior cola product. The product is actually just like Coke – smell and taste wise… The product itself is fantastic – just like any of the other lip balms in the lip smacker range. Smooth, long lasting, great for cracked lips… all round great product.”- Cherie470

THE UNEXPECTED PRODUCT:Nutri-Synergy NS-8 Heel Balm Complex
We pay a bucket load of attention to our hair, skin and nails, but our tootsies? Not so much. This active heel balm may not scream sophisticated, but it’ll kick your rough, cracked, dry heels to the kerb, quick smart.

THE FANTASTIC REVIEW: “Amazing product that works! I have tried many heel balms over the years and have never had any luck. I get terribly dry, and cracked thickened skin on my heels and I hate how it looks and feels. When I got this product I used it as directed, three times a day (twice through the day, then at bed time) and within two weeks my heels were normal. I had no cracks, no dryness and almost no thickening. I was amazed… I recommend this to anyone who suffers with bad dry/cracked heels. It really works.”- Makeup Maven

Have you tried any of these unexpected goodies? Have your discovered any amazing beauty products recently?

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