Tricky hairstyles you now have time to master

Tricky hairstyles you now have time to master

If you’re anything like us, your camera roll is consistently filled with hair inspo images, at the ready for your next salon visit or big special occassion.

Well… considering we have no dinner dates and girls’ nights lined up for the next little while, we thought it would be a perfect time to try and master some of the trickier styles ourselves. 

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“Remember with any hairstyle, its important to take into consideration your face shape,” says Sydney hairdresser, Charline Andrea.

“Volume on the crown lifts cheekbones and jawline up. Volume around your face,  will lift your eyes and take any attention away from dark circles. And a slick back pony or bun right on the crown will give you a total face lift!”

All you’ll need is time (lucky we’ve got plenty of it right now…), internet access, a whole lot of patience and a few basic tools. 

So say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair, and hello to the chicest hairstyles in isolation….

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is ridiculously long, thick and perfectly rippled from root to end. 

There is a heating tool specifically designed for creating this look, however, it can be done with a flat iron. You just need to practice.

It’s quite similar to the ‘s waves‘, which is a good place to start, or you can try following as Romee Strijd learns the technique with a GHD on Youtube.

Undone Updo

For those who like wearing their hair up, but still want some tossled pieces framing the face, give Charlene’s tips for an undone low bun a try…

  1. Add a dry shampoo and sea salt spray all over hair to create texture. bh loves: Bastiste Dry Shampoo and Volume and Eleven Sea Salt Texture
  2. Section off any hair that falls in front of the ear
  3. Gather the rest of your hair into a low pony, securing with an elastic. Make sure it’s not too tight and you’ve left some flexibility in the crown. You can add a volume powder to create more height. This will create a softer profile and lift your jawline.
  4. Twist the ponytail and create a lowbun. Secure with another elastic.
  5. Bend front sections with a GHD for added texture and start bobby pinning pieces back into the bun. Doesn’t have to be perfect – get creative!
  6. Give your hair a bit of a mess up and let some strands of hair fall out of the bun – the messier the better!

Check out this tutorial with celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin, if you’re keen to try it for yourself.

Slick Bun

The slick bun is the ‘look but don’t touch’ of hairstyles.

And although it doesn’t look like it would be difficult… it can become unravelled by an over-excited friend giving you a hug (have we just discovered a positive of the 1.5m rule?), or taking a jumper on and off and ending up with fly aways from every angle. 

The secret? Lots of hairspray and don’t move.

Check out a Youtube tutorial for nailing this look here: Quick and easy low bun.

Lived-In Waves

Ok, so you’ve got your isolation loungewear attire all sorted, so what better hair to go with this than a loose, natural, ‘I woke up like this’ wave?

Perfect for those who aren’t wanting to style their hair every morning, this lived-in look can stretch out over a few days.. 

Here are Charline’s tips on how to master the look:

  1. Seperate hair into two sections: top and bottom
  2. Using Wella Thermal Spray on each section (spray 20 cm away from head then comb out), ensure your curling wand is pointing down and away from the face
  3. Wrap hair around wand, leaving out the ends to keep them straight
  4. Set for 10 minutes then brush out with a wide tooth comb
  5. Finish off with muk Beach Sea Salt Spray or Oribe beach spray and scrunch product in with hands to add more of a slept-in texture

More of a visual person? Check out Negin Mirsalehi’s tutorial on how to recreate her signature curls.

Sleek Blowdry

A hairstyle that’s even caught Pia Miller’s attention, the sleek blowdry is all about shine.

Here are Charline’s tips to achieving glossy greatness.

  1. Prep hair with a primer to moisturise, defrizz and protect from UV and heat. bh loves: Kerastase’s Paris Ciment Thermique 
  2. Comb through and start drying
  3. First, use a paddle brush, then follow your brush with hairdryer stretching the hair out into different directions. (If you want it EXTRA sleek, just blow hair straight down in one direction with paddle)
  4. Go over the ends with a GHD, make sure you use a thermal spray
  5. Finish with a mist of Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss or Wella Glam Mist Shine Spray.


Best case, you master an extremley tricky hairstyle. Worst case, well, you’ve distracted yourself with a fun indoor activity for a while.

We’re not saying this one is going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it and honestly, we’ve got the time. If you don’t live alone, grab a partner to help you out and take turns trying it on each others’ hair.

This video from Maryam is a good place to start. 

Main image credit: @amberfillerup What hairstyle have you been wanting to master?

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  1. These are all awesome. Unfortunately not sure time is the reason I can't achieve most of these. Might get a mermaid wave style soon though, as they sell them at Myer now. Maybe after this all dies down a bit more.

  2. Any looks that include the word 'messy' would be ideal for me. Then I dont have to worry about becoming frustrated and my mistakes look like they were supposed to be that way 😀

  3. I feel like I've got enough projects to last me for over 12 months at this point (plus I'm still working full-time), but it is always nice to have back ups for when I do get that free time.

  4. I’ve almost mastered braids after trying to grow out a weird hairstyle. I’m keen to grow my bob length hair and perhaps go for mermaid hair. Realistically I’m a messy up do kind of girl but in my head I wish I was more polished.

  5. The Undone Undo is what I am going to try again. I didn't realise I had to add extra product. Lucky I have dry shampoo already in the cupboard. I'd like to try the side braids but not sure I have the patience.

  6. At the moment I am sporting the lived in waves. I went out for some exercise in the morning, hand a shower, brushed it with a wide tooth comb whilst wet and let it dry naturally.
    I just look like I have greasy hair if I try the slick bun.

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