Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres

Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres


Twenty participants aged 25 – 35 who were concerned about hair loss and thinning hair.The triallers were instructed to use the Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres ideally once per day, or as often as they desired. They were advised to use the product on clean, dry hair in areas where the hair was thinning, gently dispersing the fibres in to the hair. They were advised to repeat and build the fibres until they were satisfied with the coverage and to top up throughout the day if desired.



of members found that Toppik Hairbuilding Fibers effectively covered thinning areas in their hair.


of members found that Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres made their hair appear thicker.


of members were satisfied with the overall results after using Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres.


of members will continue to use Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres after completing this trial.

beautyheaven says…

, Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres have been helping millions of men and women to feel more confident with thicker, fuller hair thanks to the natural keratin fibres of the product. The fibres are magnetised with static energy and instantly bind undetectably to the existing hair, making it appear thick and full and concealing fine, thin or thinning hair and visible areas of the scalp. The fibres are also wind, rain and perspiration resistant but remain easily removable with shampoo. Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres are suitable for visible or wide part lines, concealing a receding hairline or disguising male and female pattern baldness. Most triallers found that their hair looked noticeably thicker, fuller and more voluminous after using the product. The majority of triallers reported that the product effectively covered their thin areas and that they found the product easy to use. Most triallers also found that they felt more confident after using the product and enjoyed how easy it was to remove. The majority of triallers also found that the product did not move when in contact with wind, rain or sweat and found that their chosen colour blended seamlessly with their hair. *Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Toppik for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

k Hairbuilding Fibres

so excited to trial this product as I have thinning areas on my scalp. When I put my hair up or half up, it is patchy so normally I have my hair out. The Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres are easy to use and effectively covered thinning areas in my hair – the fibres make my hair look lush, volumized and appear fuller. Toppik Hair Building Fibers increased my confidence as I normally have my hair out to cover my thinning areas. No one asks if I have applied any product as it looks so natural. It is also so easy to wash out and there are no fibres or residue left behind. I highly recommend this product to those with thinning hair or bare patches will purchase once I run out.…read more reviews here

al looking and convenient!

always had fine, thin hair, especially around my hairline. The product is keratin/protein based, and I got the colour ‘dark brown’ which was an excellent match for my hair shade. It looks like very fine dust that you gently shake from the sifter packaging. I used this product near the hairline and also near my part. My hair immediately looked fuller, thicker and voluminous. I really liked how the product blended into my natural hair instantly and it was also fairly comfortable to wear, as well as washing out easily. I really enjoyed using this hair building product, it is a must for those with thinning/receding hair and a great way to boost your confidence!…read more reviews here

thick hair

e always had thin hair and due to the fact that I always put my hair up in a tight, high ponytail, I have a lot of hair breakage at the top that makes my hair look thin. Toppik Hairbuilding Fibres is a fantastic product. The colour matched my hair perfectly which was great, they offer a variety of shades for different hair colours. After using this product for almost two weeks I could see a huge difference in my hair. My hair appeared thicker and more full at the top and my hair had much more volume which made me feel a lot better about myself. I would highly recommend this product to anyone having trouble with thinning hair.…read more reviews here

for thin hair!

e always had very fine dark brown hair since I was a child through to adulthood. To give some context, it is so fine that you can almost see part of my scalp and when I tie my hair in a ponytail you can see some bald patches. I apply the product in the morning and it stays put all day. I section my hair and apply the product on the scalp. It covers the scalp and blends in with the hair. I thought the application may be an issue but it was very easy with no mess. I have noticed it does give my hair a fuller look and so good for filling in those little thin/bald spots. It makes such a difference and doesn’t take long to apply at all. I also got caught in the rain walking home from work one evening. I checked my hair as soon as I got home and it was perfectly fine. Overall, this product lasts, looks natural and gives hair a fuller look. A HG for people with thin hair in my opinion!…read more reviews here

Team Review…

t admit I had my doubts about trying this – how could this stuff that looks like dust make a real difference to my hair? But I really liked how simple the fibres were to use. You simply shake them on the thinning patches and style as usual. I did notice that my hair looked fuller and thicker and that it did cover a few thinning patches really nicely. I liked that the colour was a flawless match for my own hair colour too. It looked totally natural and there was no risk of adding too much either because of the shaker design and how well this works – a little goes a really long way. I liked that you could sweat, toss your hair and style as normal without the fibres falling out and I also liked how simple they were to remove. All-in-all, a really cool product and definitely worth a try if you do have thinning hair as it does make a difference.…read more reviews here

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