Today’s beauty rules: tomorrow’s beauty regrets

Today’s beauty rules: tomorrow’s beauty regrets

I met The Rancan Sisters today…that is, THE Rancan sisters, from the eighties. Now back, with a vengeance, in the noughties full of fun and life…and straight hair.  

Got me thinking though, why did we do that terrible thing to our hair?  I’m as guilty as the famous fitness trio.  Permed, not once, but many times.  I find it hard to imagine myself sitting in front of the salon mirror circa 1982 with brown curly hair thinking, yes, that’s the look I was after.  Surprising also, then, to think that the looks we’re loving right now might be the things we laugh at in twenty years.  Or even ten.  Are some beauty trends going to date really dreadfully?  And if so, can we spot them upfront and keep the pictorial proof to a minimum?  

I doubt that nicely groomed fingernails or perfect brows will be a source of embarrassment but what about nude lips, voluminous lashes or a highlighted cheek?  I fear that it may be hard to identify them before its just too late.  

The Rancan Sisters have survived their perms, amongst other things and have come back to Australia to conquer the personal fitness world all over again.  So you have to wonder whether it’s all part of our character-building process anyway.  Maybe a few strong beauty statements along the way make us who we are  – and, after all, its only hair.  

Do you remember the Rancan sisters? What current beauty trends do you think we might look back on and laugh about?

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