5 things girls with great hair do every day

5 things girls with great hair do every day

Have you ever envied another woman for her beautiful hair? If you’re constantly coveting Hollywood-level locks (and seriously, who isn’t?), don’t be charmed into thinking the solution lies in bank-busting salon treatments. Sure they help, but in truth, great hair can be achieved easily with just a few tweaks to your daily routine.

With the help of a handful of beautiful-haired influencers, we share their tips on how to combat common issues like a dry, itchy, flaking scalp to maintain healthy hair, every day.

Women with great hair know where it all starts: the scalp. And they care for it with the utmost respect, because when the scalp is under duress, it can have repercussions for your hair. “My scalp is generally pretty fussy”, says blogger Lab Muffin. “It’s oily and prone to flaking, and most shampoos will either give me an oily scalp after less than a day, or dry it out, making it itchy and flaky,” she says. When that happens, the only answer is action. Using products such as head & shoulders that specifically target these scalp issues, your hair can grow stronger and healthier from deep within, right to the ends of your hair. “head & shoulders Smooth & Silky 3ActionFormula Shampoo kept my dandruff at bay without irritating or drying out my scalp, or causing oily roots,” she says.

Many of us use at least one form of styling product on a regular basis, which is great for keeping your style intact, but not always so great for the health of your scalp. For blogger Sassybella the secret to her healthy hair starts with a deep, nourishing clean. Having used a number of different shampoos and conditioners over the years, Sassybella says she always comes back to head & shoulders – and most recently their Clean & Balanced 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner – to refresh her hair as it’s prone to irritation, oil and product build-up. “I use [head & shoulders Clean & Balanced 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner] because it goes beyond its initial purpose of keeping dandruff at bay to help give my hair and scalp the clean it needs as well as protecting it, leaving it feeling fresh and easy to manage,” she says.

It’s certainly no surprise that interfering with the natural condition of your hair through chemical colouring and/or regular heat-styling is likely to compromise its health. While some may find it unrealistic to go cold turkey, the next time you book your roots in for a touch-up, or reach for your favourite heat-styler, first consider the current condition of your hair: Does it feel dry or brittle? Has it lost shine? Will chemically treating or heat-styling hinder its health further? Blogger Three B’s says she’s stopped straightening her hair daily and gone darker to help get her hair back to the healthier side, and Ashley Maree Beauty says she won’t blow-dry her hair at home, to reduce damage caused to her hair and scalp. The solution? Compromise. Extend the time between salon visits, limit heat-styling to special occasions and lastly, counteract the bad with products that want to help you get your silky-smooth, beautiful and healthy hair back. “I didn’t realise just how dry my hair was until after I used this [head & shoulders Smooth & Silky 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner] combo,” says Three B’s. “My hair has been so much healthier and so full of moisture. I find myself brushing my fingers through my tangle-free hair just admiring the smoothness.”  

When our bodies are in distress, we seek treatment, and so when our scalp and hair experience discomfort, they too should receive the same response. “When people ask me what my hair concerns are, I usually say that I have frizzy hair that lacks volume at the roots. What I don’t say, is that I also have a dry scalp that can at times, become itchy,” says blogger Kitsch Snitch, who says the head & shoulders Smooth & Silky 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner have helped relieve her dry and itchy scalp, frizzy hair and damaged ends. “Since using this [duo], my hair feels cleaner, softer and healthier!”

No girl with great hair ever used a product without considering its benefits first. “I feel like anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioners have a [negative] stigma around them,” says vlogger Nikkia Joy, who has been using the head & shoulders Smooth & Silky 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner to not just target a flaky scalp, but help her hair grow long and strong. “[This anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner duo] has lots of vitamins and minerals in it that help moisturise and nourish the hair follicle,” she says. So while this duo is predominantly helping Nikkia Joy care for her scalp, it’s also providing lots of nutrients and nourishment to her hair that is encouraging it to grow. “head & shoulders Smooth & Silky 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner are great because they clinically treat my scalp, but at the same time make my hair soft and shiny,” she says.

Do you use an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner? What tips do you have for flaunting beautiful hair every day?

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