12 truths girls with thin hair can relate to


Sadly, we can’t all be blessed with bouncy, thick, cascading locks. If you have fine, perpetually flat, wispy hair, and the sight of a fat ponytail is enough to give you green-eyed envy, these thin-hair truths are for you. Scroll…

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You spend forever curling your hair for it to last a total of seven minutes

Unless you douse it in three cans of hairspray, those curls you just spent an hour doing are coming right out, my friend.

Every single hair product in your arsenal includes some variation of “volume”

Plumping, thickening, texturising, boosting and root-lifting products like these:
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Your hair gets greasy SO fast, like the day after you wash it

Resulting in a major case of déjà vu.

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Scalp sunburn is REAL

Yep, it’s a thing. If you have thick hair, you’ve likely never experienced the unholy sensation that is your scalp burning. And don’t even get us started on the peeling.
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Windy days are a real problem

A real problem.

Normal hair loss causes major anxiety

While everyone loses around 100 hairs a day, for those with thin hair that’s enough to send us into a major meltdown, because there’s just no way we can afford to lose ANY of it.

One word: STATIC

You know those orbs with electric currents you put your hand on? That’s what thin hair with static looks like.

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Blake Lively is a personal affront to your flat hair situation

And it doesn’t stop there: Rapunzel, the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars, Shakira – we love you all but we kinda hate you, too. Don’t take it personally, we’re just bitter about your enviably thick locks. Shave it off and we’ll call it even. Deal?

There’s just not enough dry shampoo in the world

Nothing to do with whether your hair is dirty or not, you need that grit to feign some texture.

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Thick, voluminous textured braid? Not in this lifetime

Frozen’s Elsa’s dreamy Disney braid is but a distant dream. So in the words of the ice queen herself, “Let it go”…

The fear of brushing your hair and losing a few strands is a recognised phobia

Brushing is risky business, after all you don’t have that many to spare

But hey, at least your hair only takes five seconds to dry

Thin hair for the win!

Can you relate to these thin hair truths?

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