9 Common Thin Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

9 Common Thin Hair Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Unless you’re Demi Moore or Beyoncé, chances are you’re lusting over a hair type that is different to the one you’ve been given. Just as curly girls have had moments when they wished for sleek, straight hair, and blondes wanted to be brunettes, those of us born with fine, thin hair want to know how to fake volume. 

One of the easiest ways to do so? Stop making any of these nine incredibly common mistakes that are likely sabotaging the texture of your hair…

1. Brushing your hair when wet

Your hair is at its weakest and most prone to breakage when wet. Which means every time you step out of the shower and brush your locks, you’re damaging your hair. The solution? Allow your hair to dry off before brushing to preserve its strength. And if you really need to give it a comb through, try a gentle wet hair-specific tool like the Lady Jayne TanglePro® Wet Detangling Brush ($21.99, Priceline) or use your fingers as a comb. 

2. Not taking a hair growth supplement

One way to help thin hair look, well, less thin? Create more of it. By taking a supplement like the SWIISH Hair & Metabolism ($49.95, SWIISH), which is packed with hair growth heroes like zinc, biotin and riboflavin, you’ll fight thin, brittle and damaged hair.

3. Wearing your hair straight

Instead of a sleek, dead straight hairstyle, add waves or curls to give your hair depth and texture. By securing these styles with a volumising hairspray or sea salt texturiser like the JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray ($19.95, Just Cuts) you’ll gain instant, long-lasting lift.

4. Incorrectly blow drying

Let’s get this straight, a good blow-dry is the only thing standing between you and the best hair of your life. And while we agree it’s never as good as when you go to the salon, there are a few foolproof tips to follow that will ensure you’re adding significant oomph to thin hair. To begin? Flip your head upside down and give your hair a good blast with your hair dryer from the roots to tips. If your hand-eye coordination allows for it, we strongly recommend incorporating a round brush to lift the hair at the roots. Better yet, get yourself a hot brush like the VS Sassoon Air Style Brilliance ($169.95, Myer) to help do the job for you.

5. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner

Steer clear of any products that are going to be too heavy. A shampoo, conditioner, or even a hair mask that is too rich for your hair type will weigh it down. To avoid this, look for products that volumise your locks or scrubs that aim to “clarify,” as these will remove product build-up and add oomph. 

bh loves: TONI&GUY Volume Addiction Conditioner ($13.30, Priceline)

6. Using either no styling products or too many styling products

There’s no question, thin hair is fussy. Without the use of a volumising mousse or dry shampoo, hair can become fluffy and lacklustre. In saying that, layering on too much product can leave your hair worse off than when you began. The key to finding the perfect balance? Pick one texturising or volumising product, use a pea-sized amount, work it into your roots and reap the bouncy rewards. 

7. Consider a side part

We’ve already robbed you of straight styles and now we’re taking your precious middle part, but hear us out. A sweeping side part will instantly add volume and movement to your otherwise thin, flat hair. 

8. Colouring your hair in one uniform colour

Just as we use our makeup to contour and highlight, the same dimension can be added to hair with strategic placement of highlights, lowlights and balayage. In fact, it’s not all an optical illusion, adding colour to your hair will actually thicken your locks: “Chemically lightening the hair will swell your hair lengths, adding more volume and texture to achieve a fuller look,” hairstylist Marina Hodgins told Who What Wear.

9. Skipping the layers during your haircut

Noticing a pattern here? When it comes to fine hair, it’s all about adding dimension and shape. One easy way to do so is by adding movement through a layered haircut.

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Have you made any of these thin hair mistakes? If so, which ones? 

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  1. I’m not sold on the ‘not taking a supplement’ point. There is no conclusive evidence that taking any sort of supplement actually helps hair. It’s purely anecdotal. I would say anything topical and medical is more likely to work!

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