The trick for finding your perfect side part

The trick for finding your perfect side part

At bh, we’re always on the lookout for simple ways to help you switch up your beauty look – and what could be easier than changing your hair part?

But before you go splitting your strands any old way, there’s a method to get clued up on. 

Speaking to, hairstylist Frank Rizzieri (who gave 34 models bangin’ side parts for Stella McCartney’s recent resort presentation in New York) kindly shed some light.

Apparently, it’s all in the eyebrows. Here are the steps, broken down:

Step 1: Look in the mirror

Step 2: Find the arch of your eyebrow

Step 3: Trace a line with your finger from the arch up to your hairline

Step 4: Part at this exact spot!

According to Rizzieri, if you follow his directions, “your hair will always fall nicely”. If you part any lower, though, “it will start to look like you have a comb-over”. No, thanks. 

Unfortunately, the guru doesn’t explain how to figure out whether you should opt for a left or right part. 

Whichever you go for, a fine-tooth comb such as the Lady Jayne Two-Tone Tail Comb or Freestyle Home Salon Tail Comb will help you get an even split. 

As someone who’s been rocking a centre part for the better part of a decade (I know, boringgg), I’m tempted to switch it up. 

Need more encouragement? Check out these gorgeous celebs with deep side-parted waves.  

How do you part your hair? Have you kept the same style forever like me, or do you change it up? 

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