THE SHADE Colour Kit

THE SHADE Colour Kit



Ten females aged 30–45 with shoulder-length hair who were concerned about regrowth and covering greys.The triallers were instructed to use the product once, ideally at the roots or all over their hair, following the specified instructions and using the supplied application tools.



of members found THE SHADE Colour Kit provided effective coverage of grey hairs/regrowth.


of members found THE SHADE Colour Kit colour spread evenly.


of members found THE SHADE Colour Kit left their hair looking shinier.


of members liked that THE SHADE Colour Kit is free from ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates.

beautyheaven says…

, THE SHADE Colour Kit is a simple, easy-to-use hair colour kit that provides time efficient, salon-quality results. The product is delivered directly to your home as you need itand is available in 27 shades. Most triallers found that the product effectively covered their grey hairs and regrowth. The majority of triallers reported that the product was easy to use and that it didn’t have the strong chemical scent that at-home hair colour kits can have. Most triallers also enjoyed that the product came with everything that was needed for the hair dye process. The majority of triallers reported that the product left their hair feeling soft and silky with great colour results. *Based on a survey of 10 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by THE SHADE for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial. ReviewStartsHere [Review: fabulous even coverage] [Quote: Wow, I was surprised at how much was included in the Salon In A Bag kit which had the tint brush and bowl, 4 sectioning clips, cape and something I hadn’t seen before, which was the bench mat. I was really impressed with the idea of a bench mat as I struggle with not staining the bathroom sink when I home color my hair. In the coloring products box there was barrier oil, hair color remover wipe, color protect shampoo and conditioner along with the color cream, developer and gloves. Before application my hair was looking a little multi-coloured from previous colourings; it was dry and dull-looking, fairly lifeless and really not in very good condition, so this product had quite a challenge to look forward to on my hair. I applied the color starting on the roots of my dry, unwashed hair, then moving onto the rest of the hair shaft. The product was not really strong or an overpowering smell which made the processing more pleasant. It is good to note that I had no scalp or skin irritations from any of the products. The result on my hair was better than I expected as initially my hair was not in great condition. My hair is fairly thin although long as well, so I was surprised that the product contents were able to cover all my hair. It also made it look thicker, shiny and healthy. My flyaway bits of hair were settled down too. I was impressed with how it evened out my hair color and my hair feels more manageable and easier to put a brush through. Overall I think there are so many great things about this product and I can’t find anything negative. How great an idea it is to have the colour delivered each time you are due to colour too!] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Great kit] [Quote: I have long hair; the natural color is dark brown.I dye it because I have a lot of grey hair. What annoys me is the grey hair has a different texture, it is a bit thicker and the dye doesn’t last long. I do touch ups (the roots only) every few weeks and the whole length probably every two months. I was really excited to try The Shade for the first time. It is a complete kit that can be used at home. I received Light Brown shade and I followed the instructions religiously. I really enjoyed the protecting oil as it helped keep the colour away. The dye itself is really pleasant to use. It is creamy and easy to spread on the hair, it provides good coverage. I love that it doesn’t have the strong smell like other brands.Thanks to the special formula, I don’t have to put up with the chemical smell. I washed away the dye and followed with the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner in the kit are good quality, after using them my hair was shiny and had a fresh smell. Overall this kit is awesome for someone who is colouring their hair at home.The hair dye is good quality and it didn’t fade after washing my hair. It did a great job covering the grey hair.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Complete Grey Coverage – Your Hair Salon In A Bag!] [Quote: I selected my hair colour by going to and I had an online colour consultation where I could select from 27 colours. Apart from the hair colour kit in a lovely box you also get a hair salon in a bag. Everything you could possibly need to colour your hair like a professional at home. I colour my hair (the regrowth) once every 6 weeks at home. I loved the reusable cape which I’ll be using again. It’s a bit fiddly as there are more steps then your usual quick mix hair colour at home, though the salon results were great and worth the effort. I expected a strong smell but there wasn’t. It was quite pleasant and inviting. Very relaxing aroma. The results were a high lovely shine, soft silky hair and the coverage was absolutely impressive. I left it on for the extra 10 mins for stubborn greys. It exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using it again. End results also gave my hair a thicker look as I have fine hair. Looked healthier and I couldn’t stop touching my silky hair. Every woman who dyes their hair whether at the salon or at home should try this, you’ll never look back. 10/10!] ReviewEndsHere

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