The secret to a salon blow-dry

The secret to a salon blow-dry

Q) Whenever I go to the hairdressers they only blow dry my hair, not straighten it. I can never seem to get the same effect at home so have to resort to my trusty straighteners, any tips?

– Sarah, NSW

A) A good blow-dry, for me, is obviously being in the hands of the professional. Make sure you’re using the right brushes and the right tools on the hair. Don’t rush; take your time. A good blow-dry is about smoothness and how many times you manipulate the hair. It also depends on what you ask for. Be specific. Do you want it with a little bit of movement? Do you want a bit of curl? Lift at the root? Do you want it straight? I think if you have a spring in your hair and your hair has performance you feel amazing. It’s all about the performance.

– Errol Douglas, hairdresser

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