The pixie cut is made for some

The pixie cut is made for some

If I were to write Michelle Williams a letter, I think it would go something like this…

Dear Michelle,

Let me just start by saying how much I love your laid-back-strolling-through-Soho-on-a-summer’s-day-with-a-starbucks look. Seriously, you make New York seem like a place where you can be trendy without even trying.

Your short, choppy hair suits your face like a dream. Move over Halle Berry – the pixie chop was made for you! I’m so jealous of girls that can rock boy-ish crops and still look cute as a button. The platinum hue really works with your skin tone too, but I’m sure you already knew that (still, snaps where snaps are due!)

I especially like the more structured, beautiful wave you had going on at the London Film Festival recently. And what about that frock? Just as we thought lace was being laid to rest, you bring it back in the brightest of hues and remind us that personal style is always on trend – whether Topshop’s selling it or not.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the bub. Matilda has to be the cutest thing since we discovered the teapot piglet. She is exactly half you, half Heath Ledger – and a very lucky girl for it! The two of you look more like best friends than mother and daughter as you saunter down the streets of New York.

So here’s to you Ms Williams, for being so damn cool I can hardly bare it!

Olivia x

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