Love balayage? Try ‘smudging’

Love balayage? Try ‘smudging’

If you’re at all into fashion, you’ll probably find that that love crosses over into hair and beauty, too. It’s for that reason that many women jump aboard of-the-moment hair and make-up trends as fast as they do sweeping fashion trends – we just can’t get enough of anything that’s hot right now.

That statement was never truer than with the arrival of the balayage trend to the scene. After Sarah Jessica Parker immortalised the look in Sex and the City we saw two-tone girls pop up by the tonne, embracing the trend with open arms. It was a style that stuck around for years – with many girls still enjoying traditional ombré ends today.

The question now is, what’s next?

Dario Cotroneo, owner of Dario Salon has a few ideas – like ‘smudging’. What’s ‘smudging’ you ask? Think of the effect you get when you smudge out your kohl eyeliner. You get a soft, blended colour that fades out effortlessly. ‘Smudging’ for hair follows the same principles. Let’s let Dario explain in more detail; “Softer than ombré and favoured by the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson, ‘smudging’ exposes the natural underlying pigments in your hair to brighten up your tired re-growth. In simple terms, ‘smudging’ softens the harshness of your re-growth by blending it into your existing highlights.

Yep, as you can see on the stunning Lily Aldridge here, this subtle-yet-striking take on traditional balayage is created using colour that’s only between 2-5 shades lighter than your overall hair colour, meaning that you get subtle, lightened ends that blend into your natural hair colour seamlessly and look more like natural highlights.

So how do you get the look for yourself? Going in salon to see a hairdresser that understands the trend is best, so Dario Salon would be top of the list for Sydney-based ladies. However, if you wanted to get the look at home, you could try using good quality, at-home hair colour and scrunch it onto teased ends. We like: Schwarzkopf Nectra Colour in Nougat Brown, John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Lightest Copper Brown and Garnier Olia in Light Brown.

Is this a look you would try? Which colour would you opt for? Is there a hair trend you love at the moment?

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