The cheat’s guide to perfect curls


Ooh la la Taylor, you’re looking very Dita Von Teese these days, aren’t you?

Those marcel waves are oh so enticing – and bang on trend – especially if you’re heading out for a day at the races. Yep! Excitingly, the ladylike trend is back in the spotlight, with more and more women opting for high-necked frocks, lacy (longer) skirts and 50s-style perfect curls.

Want to know how you can achieve Taylor’s ladylike waves? It’s easy – just follow the steps below…

–    Begin by working a curl-enhancing product through freshly washed, towel-dried hair.
–    Next, use a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle and start drying your hair. This will ensure your curls are more defined when dry. Once your hair is 80 per cent dry, remove the diffuser nozzle and flip your head upside-down and continue drying to add volume to the roots of your hair.
–    Once your hair is completely dry, use a tail comb to section your hair so that the underneath section is loose and ready for curling, and the top section is pinned out of the way.
–    Take a piece of hair no thicker than one inch and give it a good comb through.
–    Using a VS Sassoon The Curl Secret™ on the highest heat setting and the 12-second curl setting (this will provide tighter spiral curls), position the open curl chamber facing your head and guide your piece of hair through the curl chamber.
–    Firmly clamp the chamber closed and allow your hair to be sucked into the curl chamber.
–    You’ll hear a singular beeps, which means that the Curl Secret is working. Wait until you hear multiple beeps in succession, before releasing the clamp and allowing your perfect curl to fall from the curl chamber.
–    As you complete each curl, gently bobby pin it to your head, securing the bobby pin in the curve of each curl. Repeat section by section, until all your hair is curled.
–    Allow your curls to cool in this position before removing the bobby pins. Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer on a cold setting to make them cool faster.
–    Finish with a light spritz of shine-enhancing hairspray to ensure your ‘do lasts as long as you do.

What do you think of Taylor’s hair? What is your best hair style when you’re trying to look glamorous?

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