Braided pigtails are back on trend

Braided pigtails are back on trend

If you embrace one hair trend this summer, make it the braided pigtail.

Don’t get me wrong, beach waves are still #onpoint, but this childhood hair look is having a moment.

Celebrities including Rita Ora, Leona Lewis, Janelle Monáe and even Kim Kardashian West are embracing the ‘do – and who could blame them: The Pippi Longstocking-esque style is fun and flirty, not to mention hot weather appropriate.

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Image credit: @monamonmonmon Instagram

Personally, I love the fishtail take:

Image credit: @sarahrumer Instagram 

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Can’t be bothered braiding to the bottom? No problem. You can leave the ends of your pigtails loose for a laid-back look:

Image credit: @desarae_gonzales Instagram

Image credit: @hair_addixt Instagram

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And to all the mums out there who braid their daughters’ hair on the reg – why not take inspiration from Kimmy-K and wear them too?

Image credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

Oh, and by the way – braided pigtails aren’t just for long-haired girls. Exhibit A: My very own braided pigtails:

Would you wear braided pigtails? What’s your go-to hair look for summer?

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