The best time-saving beauty products

The best time-saving beauty products

Given that I’ve worked as a beauty editor for over 10 years, it may come as a shock to hear that I actually can’t be bothered with a lot of beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get just as excited as the next beauty junkie when presented with new make-up products or introduced to innovative skin care technologies. And I really do have every intention of using each of these new products RELIGIOUSLY until my nails are stronger than concrete, my skin glows with good health and the lusciousness of my hair makes other women cry jealous tears. But when it comes to the crunch – to actually taking the time out to perfectly preen and pamper myself – well, more often than not I just don’t have the patience.

So it’s no surprise that most of the beauty products on my ‘must recommend’ list are those that work brilliantly, while simultaneously requiring little or no effort. Because let’s face it; spending hours in front of the mirror? As a wise woman once said in a clip that went viral for all the right reasons, “aint nobody got time for that!”

Here are a few of my favourite top-to-toe beauty timesavers:

Hair timesaver

For those of you who want a vibrant, long-lasting hair colour minus the time and money spent on salon appointments, you need to make John Frieda Precision Foam Colouryour new bathroom bestie. The special foam formulation enables quick, easy and mess-free application, and the colour result is rich, glossy and even-toned. For added dimension opt for one of the new tones in the Salon Blends Collection(and smile smugly while your friends all ask for the number of your colourist.)

Skin timesaver

Cleansing, toning and removing your make-up can seem soooo tedious when you have to do it morning and night (and no, there’s no compromise on this one!) But thankfully for your sanity and your skin there are brilliant multi-tasking products – like philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1-cleanser for face and eyes – that make the process as painless as one simple step. Yep, with this great buy your skin will be left free of make-up and impurities, while simultaneously nourished. And it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, too. Winner!

Make-up timesaver

When you just can’t be bothered to apply a face full of make-up (me on most days), a product like Australis Lip & Cheek Combo is a true savior. Dab it on to your cheeks, slick it on to your lips (hell, sometimes I even put the peach-hued shade on my eyes!) and you’ll look like you’ve made an effort with your make-up, when in reality the whole thing took you all of two seconds. Could the life of a lazy girl get any better than that?

Body timesaver

One of my most regular cant-be-bothered beauty sins is not moisturising my body. The reason? I’ve got ZERO patience for slathering on a cream and having to wait around for what seems like hours until it finally absorbs and I can get dressed. But ever sinceVaseline Spray Moisturiser was launched I no longer have any excuse. This awesome timesaver features a unique formulation that enables the ultra-hydrating spray to dry in seconds, and is also designed with a 360-degree continuous spray – which means it even works when the bottle is upside-down and can reach all the hard-to-get places.

Nail timesaver

The one beauty ritual I do love doing is painting my nails. What stops me from doing it however, is that I’m too impatient to sit still while I wait for it to dry. Enter Avon Liquid Freeze. Also known as a nail must-have. Simply paint your nails in your chosen polish, spritz on this super-fast-drying top coat, and your nail colour will be set in seconds. It pretty much gives you the ability to achieve a gorgeous-looking manicure on the go (and the ingenious nature of a spray-on top coat definitely isn’t lost on me!)

Do you have any go-to time-saving beauty products? How do you shave time off your beauty regimen?

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