The Best Kind Of Curtain Fringes For Bangs Without The Admin

The Best Kind Of Curtain Fringes For Bangs Without The Admin

If you’re crying out for a makeover refresh that provides impact without the price tag, it’s time to seriously consider a fringe. 

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While a blunt fringe adds an unrivalled sleekness to any look, there’s no denying, they can be seriously tough to maintain. However, before you pop the entire fringe family into the too hard basket, there is a distant cousin, the curtain fringe, that might be more your cup of tea. 

Falling from a slight middle part, a curtain fringe creates a face-framing fanned effect across the forehead. 

Delivering an effortless, soft look that will partner any hair texture, length or tone, the curtain fringe might also be of service if you’re wanting to pull off the world’s greatest cowlick cover-up job or if your forehead is your absolute pet hate (we bet nobody else has even noticed it but if you do, then that’s all that matters). 

Quickly gaining popularity as being the lowest maintenance and most versatile of all the fringe varieties, the curtain cut can stop anywhere from the cheekbones to the jawline, allowing for the hair to still be tucked behind the ears or pulled back into an updo if required. This also means it’s minimal commitment. 

Still need convincing? Here are our top 12 favourite curtain fringe looks to bring to your next haircut…


The perfect partner to her honey-layered highlights, JLo’s curtain fringe adds that extra wow to her voluminous waves. 

Image via @chrisappleton 


The perfect partner to a bold lip or eye, balance out strong makeup looks with whimsical, romantic bangs. 



A simple way to add shape, without sacrificing your length.

Image via @swankyhairdesign 



For those days when you want to pull your hair back but keep your face softly framed…

Image via @zotheysay


If you’re thinking, “that’s not a curtain fringe”, well, you’re right. It is however one of the many cute ways you can style or pin yours back for the days you don’t feel like having it out. 

Image via @zotheysay


Arguably one of the most famous fringes out there; recreate Alexa Chung’s tousled waves by scrunching a sea salt spray through damp ends.

Image via @alexachung


If you’re still associating fringes with dead straight, not-a-hair-out-of-place type of looks, it’s time to reassess…

Image via @asiyami_gold


Have a play with different textures too – @joeyscandizzo has kept Steph Claire Smith’s curtain fringe straight and long, while the body has a soft, beachy wave.


In case we needed any further confirmation that there is no hairstyle Kerry Washington can’t pull off…


For more of a ‘70s vibe, bring the middle pieces inward, right down to your eyes and flick outward.

Image via @jaye_edwards


Even Margot made the move to a curtain fringe for this year’s Academy Awards

Image via @brycescarlett

Have you ever had a curtain fringe? If not, would you consider getting one?
Main image credit: @alexachung

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  1. Alexa Chung has such great hair. I just read an article about a woman’s curtain fringe disaster where she took a reference photo to her hair dresser and ended up with a much different result than she was expecting. The issue was obviously that the woman has straight hair and in the reference photo there was definitely some blow wave action. If you don’t have some natural wave or can commit to styling, avoid the curtain fringe altogether. You will not be happy with it.

  2. To fringe or not to fringe that is the question.

    I think the curtain fringe is a great idea. I think that’s what I had (it’s now grown out since I haven’t managed to get to the hairdresser for over 6 months.

  3. OMG this is coincidental, but I just got a curtain fringe cut in 2 1/2 weeks ago! Mine is around earlobe length so I can tuck it behind my ears if it annoys me, but surprisingly it's not annoying me that much so far (probably because of the tuck-behind-the-ear ability). I really love the look, especially when I have my hair up in a ponytail or bun as it frames my face nicely (although it's just as lovely when my hair is out). Funnily enough, I used a photo of Steph Clare Smith with the curtain fringe as inspiration.

    I've had a blunt fringe before & it was far too much upkeep. I think that's partly why I'm digging the curtain fringe on me – not as much maintenance & I can grow it back out again during the warmer months.

  4. I've only had a fringe once and never again! I was in primary school and my mum cut it herself. I had curly frizzy hair and I remember being laughed at when I went to school the next day.

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