The best and wildest of the Billboard Music Awards

The best and wildest of the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night saw stars posing on the red carpet with a range of attention-grabbing looks – from luscious locks to coloured hair and even some interesting accessories.

 So we’ve put together our top picks for the Billboard Beauty Awards.

The award for the star with the wildest hair goes to… Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner rocked bright blue balayage with a simple white ensemble. The Kardashians are known for taking risks, but we’re not sure the youngest member of the family got it right this time.

The award for the star most in need of a hair cut goes to… Chrissy Teigen

We love a blunt fringe, but it’s important to be able to see out from under it. If Chrissy Teigen grew her fringe any longer, we would mistake her for Cousin It. Ladies, take note. Regular trims are important!

The award for the star that got it just right goes to… Jennifer Lopez

Even at 45 and with two kids, Jennifer Lopez looked better than her younger rivals. She teamed her glowing make-up with luscious locks pulled tight off her face.

The award for the star that surprised us goes to… Kesha

It’s not often we praise Kesha for her choices, but her hair and make-up was on point on Sunday night. She wore her light pink hair off her face in a messy bun, and we think she rocked coloured hair much better than Kylie Jenner.

The award for the wackiest accessory goes to… Amber Rose

Is it a visor? Is it the world’s largest pair of sunglasses? Whatever it is, I’m not sure how Amber Rose could see through the night.

Which look is your favourite? Which look do you think is the weirdest?

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