Tape hair extensions: Before and after

Tape hair extensions: Before and after

As someone with thin, practically lifeless natural hair (cheers bleach/ genetics) I’ve had a love with hair extensions for a long time. Seven years to be precise. You only have to look at my before and after photos to see why – they’ve become a part of my look. I started out with clip-in extensions and worked my way up to tape hair extensions, which are my personal favourite.

I find tape hair extensions to be the most low-maintenance, cost-effective and least damaging option. Once you get used to washing your hair with extensions, they take far less time to style than my natural hair. Seriously! I wash them twice a week, use a curler through the ends to create a light wave and then sleep with a loose plait to maintain the style. I rarely have to touch them again until the next wash. Lately, I’ve been trying Amazing Hair Australia hair extensions which have been used by celebrities such as Rita Ora, Georgia Love and Bec Judd – and I’ve been blown away by the quality.

The best advice I could give anyone who is considering hair extensions is to find a talented hairstylist who knows what they’re doing. If you want to avoid causing damage to your natural hair, you really have to do your research. I’ve been seeing Tarryn Cherniayeff from MOB HAIR for years now for my colour, cut and hair extensions. Tarryn always makes sure that she applies my extensions in a way that makes them undetectable. She also ensures that the colour blends seamlessly with my own hair.

So, if you’re curious about tape hair extensions, watch the video above to see my hair before and after extensions, and the entire application process.

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Since I’m no hair extension expert (just a BIG fan), we spoke to Tarryn to get her expert advice on how to choose the right hair extensions for you, plus how to maintain them.

How long does the application take?

Tarryn: For a full head of extensions it takes roughly 30-45 minutes for application and blow dry.  

What does the maintenance look like?

T: Maintenance is really easy if the extensions are taken care of in between salon visits. Eg brushing twice daily, drying the hair thoroughly after it gets wet. You will also need to have your extensions lifted (moved up) every 6-8 weeks by your hairdresser.

My preferred method?

T: I personally love tape, application is fast so there is no need to spend the whole day in the salon. They are versatile and can be reused. They also give me the option to change my mind often. I can use short ones for thickness or use long ones for length. I can leave them in or I can take them out if I feel like I need a change. With no damage to my hair as I take care of them.

Do they damage your hair?

T: No, however if you don’t look after the hair, you will get less wear out of them. Like anything, if your extensions are not applied properly or looked after correctly, they can be damaging to your hair.

How do you know which hair extensions are right for you?

T: Finding the right hair extensions for you is easy and your hairdresser will be able to help you find out what is best for you, and will be able to give you the appropriate information on how to look after them.

What’s the best way to wear extensions when you’re sleeping and working out?

T: I would recommend sleeping in a low plait or pony tail on a silk pillowcase to avoid tension. Whilst working out, I recommend doing the same, a low plait or ponytail!

For more information about Tarryn Cherniayeff or to book an appointment at MOB HAIR, click here or call 02 8068 5303.

To find out more about Amazing Hair Extensions, visit their website here.

Have you ever tried hair extensions? Which type of hair extensions do you prefer?

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