What to expect when switching to natural haircare


There’s no better feeling than waking up to a good hair day. Especially when that good hair day is all thanks to natural ingredients. Because for the formula detectives out there looking to do their bit for the environment, making the switch to natural haircare is a no brainer.

But it’s also important to know that the journey to swishy, shiny, au naturale hair is a process. So don’t expect things to magically change overnight. 

Instead, here’s exactly what you can expect…

You’ll have less of a lather

The first thing people tend to notice when trying natural haircare for the first time is the lather. A natural shampoo won’t foam as much as they don’t contain harsh sulphates.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to use more to compensate. Instead, follow the instructions and use some water to help it lather, taking care to massage it into the scalp. 

For those with fine or limp hair (and a fear of it being weighed down), Sukin’s Volumising Shampoo is a great match. It’s lightweight and purifying for that fullness you love, with a naturally derived blend of pineapple, mango and papaya extracts to nourish the scalp. 

Your hair needs time to detox

Just like eating one salad can’t immediately make you ‘healthy’, one wash with natural haircare isn’t going to get you crowning glory results. 

Your hair and scalp need time to detox and rebalance, which can take some time (depending on how frequently you wash). It’s for this reason you should try Sukin’s #10washchallenge before making your mind up.

After a few washes you’re likely to find your hair begins to rebalance, with less oil at the roots and more moisture towards the ends – exactly how it should be. A little commitment is worth it when making the switch.

Switching to natural haircare includes styling and treatments too

Your hair routine extends beyond shampoo and conditioner, and so too does natural haircare. From scalp scrubs to masques and treatment oils, there are plenty of plant-powered options to suit your hair type and needs. 

One that’s particularly handy during the transition period to natural products is Sukin’s Volumising Thickening Spritz. This one you can apply from roots to ends on damp, towel-dried hair, before blow-drying for a little extra natural va-va-voom.

Have you ever tried natural haircare products?

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  1. I haven’t tried Sukin’s hair products yet. Good to know about the lack of lather. I love that sudsy feeling and would probably end up using more than necessary.

  2. I’ve been trying to use natural haircare to see the effects that it would have on my hair, mainly shampoo and conditioner though. It’s not making a big difference but we’ll see

  3. I’ve been using natural-based hair products for many years. I don’t mind if a shampoo lathers a lot or a little as long as there’s enough slip to massage it through my hair.

  4. I don’t have a favourite brand of “natural” shampoo or conditioner because I like to keep trying new products. The only shampoos I keep going back to are one or two by A’kin – only the ones that do not contain protein which dries my hair out. The A’kin shampoos seem to clean my scalp better. Some low-sulphate shampoos are almost too gentle; it feels like my scalp hasn’t been properly cleaned because my scalp is more itchy. One great website that has a good range of “natural” hair care is Nourished Life, but they don’t stock A’kin.

  5. Although too much dry shampoo makes the hair really heavy.
    After birth, one of the rules was I couldn’t get my hair or head wet for a whole month so I used dry shampoo and it was terrible!

  6. I have use natural shampoos and conditioners, for years, I am nearly 60 and have only a few hardly noticeable grey hairs, I think along with my natural product use not over washing, never dying or using hair dryers has made my hair stay soft and healthy, also it helps with a good healthy diet too. I have now switched to using solid shampoo and conditioner bars and it is even softer.

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