The hair hue that’s sweeping a nation

The hair hue that’s sweeping a nation

I’ve never seen a hair trend like it. I more than hopped aboard the balayage train when it first hit the station a few years ago, and I’ve been a passenger for the better part of three years – but I must say, I haven’t seen a hair hue sweep a nation like strawberry blonde has swept the UK in quite some time.

Everywhere I turn I see gorgeous, multi-dimensional, Bella Thorne-style strawberry blonde strands. On the tube, in the streets, on the telly! It’s craziness, and it’s a hue I had never really considered, until I felt myself beginning to succumb to strawberry blonde fever.

There are a few  reasons  I think it’s catching…

REASON I LOVE STRAWBERRY BLONDE #1: The way it catches the sun.

If you’ve sought out a really show-stopping red/blonde hue, odds are you’ll have multiple colours throughout your hair that make up your bang-on-trend mop. You know, lighter and darker flashes of red and blonde, subtly strewn throughout your hair. It’s these pieces that tend to catch the sunlight and make you look like you’re donning a halo of sorts. Amazeballs.

REASON I LOVE STRAWBERRY BLONDE #2: You get the best of both worlds.

Blonde? Red? Blonde? Red? Honestly, if you’re of the lighter-haired variety, choosing a hair colour in order to mix things up can seem pretty daunting. The charming thing about strawberry blonde is that you get the best of both worlds. The sauciness of a redhead mixed with the innocence of a young, natural (aka sans peroxide) blonde.


If you’re out to look minxy, then you grab that deep mahogany by the shoulders and never let it go, if you’re out to look bombshell-esque then take a leaf out of Marilyn’s book and be as blonde as you can be. But if you want to look pretty, feminine and even a little younger, then strawberry blonde is definitely your go-to trend. The light ginger element, mixed with a youthful blonde hue will help shave years off your look. And who doesn’t want that?

Have you ever tried this gorgeous hair shade? Who’s your fave strawberry blonde celeb?

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