Spring 2018 hair trends to try this season


I’ve got good news about the biggest spring 2018 hair trends – they’re all super wearable and there’s something for everyone. Changing up your hairstyle can be daunting, especially when you’ve hung on to the same colour and cut for multiple seasons (or years!). But luckily, these spring 2018 hair trends aren’t drastic and can be incorporated into almost any hair type, style or length – so all you have to do is pick your favourite!

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Being the hapless trend-slave I am, I was super keen to try out the biggest spring 2018 hair trends on my own head. And even though I’m a hair editor, my strands were in serious need of a refresh for the spring season.

Me in the chair right before we went for it. Don’t judge me!

As you might have gleaned from my previous articles, I’m one lazy girl when it comes to beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I’m obsessed. But I’ll always prefer to spend more time on the couch than fussing with my hair and makeup. That also goes for keeping up with my salon appointments. As you can see from the photo above, it had been awhile between colouring sessions (nine long months to be precise). I also hadn’t had my hair cut in almost two years. I know, so bad! I was definitely in need of a change so I appointed hair extraordinaire and National Education Director for La Biosthetique and Director at Fuchs Salon, Alex Fuchs, as my strand saviour.

Upon consultation with Alex, where he (very gently and politely) chided me for leaving my hair this way for so long, we decided to create the biggest spring 2018 hair trends on my hair. So if you’re looking to refresh your hair for the spring season too, keep reading – and let me know what you think of the before and after pics!

Spring 2018 hair trend #1: Cut a fringe

Getting a fringe is without a doubt one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your hairstyle. A few snips here and there and you’re a totally different woman. And with so many different fringe styles out there, you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

According to Alex, the fringe is high on the spring 2018 hair trend radar. “The fringe is big this coming season, just like the one Gigi Hadid is rocking at the moment,” he says. “Keep the cut eyebrow length or slightly longer so you have room to play or even swipe it to the side when you’re growing it out.”

For me, we decided to go with one of the biggest hair trends for 2018 – the curtain fringe. But because of my already-established laziness, Alex suggested we cut it a little longer to minimise the need for styling each morning.

My new curtain fringe – we kept it subtle.

“Cutting a fringe gives you that instant effect of ‘Oh, you changed your hair’!” says Alex. “A good hairdresser will decided on the length of your fringe to suit your current cut but also your face shape.”

Alex’s must-have maintenance product: “La Biosthetique Powder Spray ($46.50, labiosthetique.com.au) will refresh and remove unwanted oils without stickiness” 

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Spring 2018 hair trend #2: Blunt those ends

I hadn’t had a trim in a long time, so my ends were in desperate need of a good chop. I was pretty flexible about the length, but Alex suggested that instead of chopping off a heap, we give my ends that blunt look that’s all over Instagram (and the red carpet).

“A blunt, short bob like Margot Robbie is ‘The Cut’ for spring 2018,” says Alex. “Spring is also the perfect time to cut off those dead, dry hair ends from winter into a stylish, short bob style.”

While Alex says the biggest spring 2018 hair trend is “ideally chin length”, we decided to keep my hair a bit longer to make the trend work for my face shape – so mine is a little more ‘lob’ than bob, but with those ever-popular blunt ends.

The blunt cut has totally reinvigorated my hair.

Apart from adapting my cut to suit the spring 2018 hair trends, the chop has also helped to make my hair look much better. “A post-winter chop will make hair look shinier and healthier instantly,” Alex agrees.

Alex’s must-have maintenance product: “La Biosthetique’s Beach Effect Styling Spray ($38, labiosthetique.com.au) is the perfect product to make blunt-cut curls or waves appear beachier by adding texture and grip.” 

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Spring 2018 hair trend #3: Lighten up

Going blonder for spring? Groundbreaking, I hear you say. But there’s a reason everyone goes lighter with their colour during the warmer months. And you don’t have to reach for the bleach or go platinum – you can tap into this spring 2018 hair trend by simply adding in some lighter tones at your next colour appointment.

“Lightening the hairline with some foils or basin balayage instantly brightens your whole appearance,” says Alex. “Going blonder is the biggest spring trend every year because it allows you to add some highlight to your beautiful darker winter colour winter. It makes you look and feel more summery and goes well with your first tan of the season too.”

Thanks to recent advancements in hair colour, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair by going lighter, which is a common concern amongst women. “La Biosthetique just launched their new Blonde System colouring system, which lightens hair without stressing it,” says Alex. He used this formulation to help gives my locks a lighter lift, minus the damage.

My hair looks so much brighter and tonal but still feels super healthy.

Alex’s must-have maintenance product: “La Biosthetique Silky Spliss Repair ($53.50, labiosthetique.com.au) works to seal split ends caused by winter dryness instantly and prevent damaged ends splitting up further.”

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My spring hair refresh! I love it, thanks Alex!

Which spring 2018 hair trend is your favourite? Will you be trying any this season?

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