Splish, splash, splosh: products that work better with water


Rubber ducks aren’t the only things you’ll find in your bathroom that absolutely adore water – a handful of beauty products are better used wet, too. And we’re not just talking shampoos, conditioners and body washes, either, Read on to discover which bunch of beauty goodies perform better when water is involved…

WATER BABY #1:Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash
You know how much we love the regular Tangle Teezer brushes, right? Well, we might love this one a teensy bit more, because of the fact that it’s designed to be used in the shower. That means no more knotty locks of hair after a vigorous shampooing session when this water baby is involved. It’s also wonderful for brushing through conditioning treatments, and won’t damage your hair or your scalp. Brilliant!

WATER BABY #2:Neutrogena Wet Skin Adult SPF 30+ Spray
This product is a swimmer’s dream. I mean, we all know we need to wear sunscreen – especially when we’re out frolicking in the ocean or pool – but it’s never fun trying to apply sunscreen when you’re wet. Well, until now. Simply spray on this broad-spectrum goodie and you’ll have four hours of water-resistant protection. How? The formula cuts through the water on your skin to absorb into the skin and form a protective barrier. It’s sheer brilliance, really.

WATER BABY #3:Chi Chi Mineral Eye Shadow Quad
Yes, this delightful eyeshadow works when it’s not wet, but if you want longer lasting intense colour, using a damp make-up brush to apply this gem is a wise idea. You’ve got four colours to play with, too, which means a multitude of looks can be created. Keep the brush dry for a soft finish, or wet it for a bold, daring finish.

WATER BABY #4: Remington Girls on the Go Wet & Dry Cordless Shaver
We all use regular razors in the shower, but a battery-operated one? It’d usually be a big no-no, but not with this hair removal genius. Its foil blades give you a super-close shave, and you can use it in or out of the shower. But because we like to stay warm, we know we’ll be making use of this product’s love for aqua by staying under the running water.

WATER BABY #5:The Body Shop Professional Make-Up Sponge
Make-up sponges can seem like tricky little things, but they’re actually a wonderful addition to your kit if you know how to use them. If you don’t wet the sponge before use, it’ll soak up all your foundation and refuse to apply it to your face. If you dampen it, however, it will be soft and pliable, and blend your foundation flawlessly onto your face. Try it, and be amazed.

Have you tried any of these water-loving beauty products? If not, which ones would you like to try? Do you use any just-add-water prods?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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