Slimming hairstyles to make your face look thinner

Slimming hairstyles to make your face look thinner

Maybe it’s just a bit of holiday excess post-party season, but sometimes we all wish we looked a little slimmer in the face. But despite overhauling your diet and exercise regime, there are certain slimming hairstyles that will give the illusion a thinner face without you having to lose a single kilo.

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So whether you’re looking for slimming hairstyles for round faces, slimming hairstyles for long faces or even slimming hairstyles for square faces – renowned hair stylist Kevin Murphy, founder of the much-loved KEVIN.MURPHY haircare brand, has got the face-framing style for you. So get ready to ditch the diet and look more streamlined in seconds with these slimming hairstyles.

Face slimming hairstyle #1 – Soft, natural waves

Is there anything more flattering than a soft wave? Not only is it an excellent option for almost any occasion, it’s also inherently pretty on everyone. Kevin says that soft, natural waves are also the perfect hairstyle to slim down your face, especially for those with lengthy locks. “If you have longer hair soft, lived in waves are great as they can make your face look longer and leaner,” he says.

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Apply a shine spray to damp hair and blast dry, twisting hair in sections to create irregular bends and waves through mid-lengths and ends. This is a great technique as you create more interest through the hair and not too much volume. When hair is dry, apply a texturising spray for that lived-in natural look.

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Face slimming hairstyle #2 – Textured lob

For those with the ever-so-chic long bob (or ‘lob’ as it’s better known these days), it’s all about creating depth to the hair when it comes to creating that slimming effect. “A textured lob is great for creating the illusion of a slimmer face,” says Kevin. The movement and texture makes the hair look thicker and full of body, which in turn helps make the face look thinner.

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Use a hot tong on dry hair to create bends through the mid lengths and ends. Create an exaggerated side part to create natural volume through the top and tuck the other side behind your ear. Use a texturising spray for movement.

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Face slimming hairstyle #3 – Textured ponytail

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Yes, when it comes to slimming down your face, it’s all about texture. And the trusty ponytail can be your secret weapon for when you want to enhance certain features and downplay others. “A textured ponytail is perfect when you place it in the right position,” explains Kevin. “Securing it just below your crown is best as it gives you a flattering side profile as well as exaggerating your cheekbones.”

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Apply a sea salt spray all over and blast hair dry with your head upside down to create volume and texture. Gently backcomb the section from the front of your hairline to your crown, creating a bit of height. Then use your fingertips to comb the hair back into the pony position and secure with a hair tie. Keep the sides tighter than the top section and pull out some pieces around the top but not too much – make it look like it happened naturally.

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Face slimming hairstyle #4 – High top knot

They say that pulling your hair back tightly can give the effect of an instant facelift and it’s true! Pulling your hair back in just the right way and with just the right amount of tension can give your face a lift, thus making certain areas look slimmer – yes please! “A high top knot pulls everything up and elongates your face shape,” says Kevin. We already knew the humble topknot was a staple for weekend lazy hair, but now we’re even more devoted to it.

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Apply a finishing spray to dry hair to create texture instantly and use your fingertips to comb hair up into a top knot. Secure with a hair tie.

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Face slimming hairstyle #5 – Side fringe

If you’re looking for the quickest way to slim down your face, look no further than the classic side fringe. If you’ve already got one cut, you’ve got a built-in face slimmer at your disposal that will give the illusion of a slimmer face by hiding half of it. If you don’t, simply create the same effect by flipping your part into a deep side part and voila! “A side fringe helps shade a corner of your face, helping to achieve a slimmer look,” agrees Kevin.

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Create a side part by looking at the middle of your eyebrow use that as a reference for the position of your part, sweep hair across to the other side of the face. Follow with a light spritz of hairspray to give the fringe hold.

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Which is your favourite slimming hairstyle?

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