Six of the best: under $10 – page 6

Six of the best: under $10 – page 6

We’ve scoured the globe (well, mainly our desks) to bring you the best in beauty under $10. Just because times are tight, doesn’t mean you want to step out looking anything less than perfect – quite right too.

SunSilk Total Care 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment

“When I’ve had a huge day and am so tired this is just the trick. When I don’t want to do the whole shampoo, conditioner thing and just want to feel clean quickly, this is my answer. It does the job very well, after using it I can gently comb any tangles out very easily. It seems to deposit a ‘treatment’ on the drier ends of my hair and when hair is dried and brushed properly the ends are all well-conditioned!” Rating: 4/5 – softness

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