The curlers you can rely on for perfectly polished curls

The curlers you can rely on for perfectly polished curls

Curlers are very powerful tools; they hold the ability to be both your best friend and your worst enemy – use the wrong one and you could get a little too close to Sandy in Grease territory (a luscious look, yes, but maybe a bit much when ‘a little bounce’ was the goal).Use the right one though and you’ll be in the land of voluminous Victoria’s Secret-esque waves in no time.

We’ve done the hard work for you (besides the actual curling, of course): here are the six best curlers for polished-but-natural waves.

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#1: Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Iron ($69.95,
Get ready for the bounciest waves you ever did see (without straying into Toddlers in Tiaras territory, of course) – this 25mm iron strikes the perfect balance between polished and undone, and delivers curls that will actually hold for hours, even if your hair is fine.

#2: VS Sassoon Diamond Waves – VSC230A
The spiral-shaped body allows you to create big dreamy waves which is delightful and all, but the real kicker comes in the form of the Diamond Radiance Technology: it makes the curler 50 per cent smoother to banish frizz and limit flyaways.

#3: muk Curl Stick 2.0

Can’t choose just one type of curl? This nifty interchangeable situation means you can go from defined spirals to soft, sexy waves with the change of a barrel. There’s four options, and each one uses Ion Field technology to lock in the hair’s natural oils and keep it hydrated.

#4: Formawell Beauty X Kendall Jenner One Inch Curler

Got your eye on a red carpet Kar-Jenner kind of curl? Well, this tool is approved by Kendall herself, so you know it’s good. It heats up crazy quick, and automatically turns off after an hour, which certainly sounds handy seeing as we don’t think we’ve ever remembered to turn ours off.

#5: ghd curve® creative curl wand
With a tapered conical barrel that creates natural looking waves and depth to die for, this curling wand can handle a lot of hair on the barrel, so even if your mane is super thick, you can still nail your waves in a matter of minutes.

#6: Remington Perfect Curls Advanced – CI64E1AU

Always master the curls on one side of your head but struggle to get them right on the other? Us too. This clever curling wand comes with a reversible guide that helps you to ensure each side is done in the right direction, and you can change the orientation with a simple twist of the tip.

Do you curl you hair? What’s your Holy Grail hair curler?

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