Six of the best: frizz fighters


My biggest beauty bugbear is when my poker straight locks sense the teensiest bit of moisture in the air and instantly assemble into ‘freak out’ mode. You can spot the frizzy cowlick a mile away and boy, does it get my goat.

Luckily, springy strands need not spoil your ‘do any longer. We’ve sourced six of the best frizz fighters to ensure your tresses are protected from a moisture attack and come out looking sleek, shiny, and untouchably chic.

L’Oreal Professionel Play Ball Anti-Frizz Fizz

“I tried this and thought it really made a difference to my hair. My hair was less frizzy and stayed in place better than normal on a night out. I think it’s a lot better than using hairspray and smells really nice compared to other sprays. It’s also really easy to use as you just spray it onto your hair after a shower and dry it as normal, I also added a bit after for good measure :-)” Rating: 5/5 – Narbs

What frizz fighter product do you use? Will you try any of these?

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