The male guide to grooming

The male guide to grooming

Does your guy’s beauty routine start and end with a shower? If you answered ‘yes’, then it might be time he read this. Getting him to groom might seem like an impossible task, but with the right tips, tools and a few key products, he’ll develop a daily routine that’s quick and simple, and won’t take up too much space in the bathroom. Here are eight habits all men should add to their grooming repertoire.

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Become a regular at the barbers

A guy who keeps on top of his cuts is on the right track. A good way to ensure he’ll never have a hair out of place is by booking his next appointment for around four weeks time while he’s still in the chair. Too many guys wait for their hair to grow over their ears before doing anything about it. The trick is to be proactive, and having a regular place he trusts will down on time and anxiety.

Choose the right hair products

There’s far more in the way of hair products for men these days, so it’s little surprise they’re overwhelmed by choice. To avoid them throwing in the towel on grooming all together, getting clued on what products are actually useful for them is a sure-fire way to keep them interested. Thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes and pomades, but if his hair is on the thinner side, then lighter products and sprays will give his locks staying power. And though men typically hate to ask for help, if he’s a bit in the dark, encourage him to ask his barber for recommendations.  

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Find a signature scent

No matter how many times he says so, deodorant does not count as an alternative to cologne.
And nor should it be loud or obvious – rather a subtle part of his overall presence. Woody, spicy or herb-based scents suit the winter months, while lighter, citrusy scents work best in spring and summer. And if you’re looking for a scent to gift to him, you might find this list of sexy fragrances for men rather impressionable. We know we did.

Try these: Aramis Gentleman, Crabtree & Evelyn Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne, Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros Eau de Toilette, L’OCCITANE Cedrat  Eau de Toilette

Make those pearly whites sparkle

There are two things every woman notices: a man’s shoes, and his smile. When it comes to the latter, it’s easy to get into a good dental hygiene habit. While guys don’t have the advantage of using make-up techniques to enhance their features, in addition to flossing, brushing and using mouthwash twice a day, a teeth-whitening product will significantly enhance a smile.

Try these: Oral-B 7000 Black, Colgate Total ® Dental Ribbon, Colgate Optic White Mouthwash, Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips

Perfect the manscape

Trimming down there is not only perfectly acceptable in 2016, it’s polite. And while there’s no need for it all to go, it’s really not necessary for him to let things run wild, either. If things are looking a little, well hairy, a quick clean up can do wonders for his appearance. Does he have a rogue patch on his back, or is he sporting some shoulder fuzz? Hair removal creams can help in that department, and are especially great for those hard-to-reach places.

Try these: Veet For Men Hair Removal Gel Cream, Philips Bodygroom, Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream

Learn to scrub

While it might be the perception of society, there’s no need for men to appear so rough. After all what’s more irresistible than soft skin? A weekly cleanse with a face scrub and a daily face wash that’s less abrasive should do the trick.

Try these: Lab Series Invigorating Face Scrub, Natio Daily Face Wash, Clinique for Men Face WashThe Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Scrub

Sort out stray hairs

Big brows aren’t the issue – just ask Mr Clooney – but if they happen to meet in the middle, you’ve got a problem on your hands (and face). So how do you get your man to manscape his brows without looking like he manscapes his brows? While plucking might be one of the more time consuming grooming chores, keep in mind that waxing might be off limits. Since men’s brows and facial hair tend to be thicker than women’s, brow waxing can look more dramatic and less natural on men. So get him to invest in a good pair of tweezers to pluck those strays but remind him that less is more.

Try these: Revlon Gold Series Point Tweezer, Bobbi Brown Deluxe Tweezer, e.l.f. cosmetics Essential Slant Tweezer

Manage facial fuzz like a pro

He might not have time in the AM for an extensive wet-shaving routine, but learning the basics is important. To get the most out of his shave, prepping the skin with a shave oil will help the razor glide over his hairs, while soaking the blades in warm water will help his pores expand, allowing for less redness and irritation.

Try these: Elemis Smooth Result Shave Oil, Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Close Shavers Oil

How does your guy stay groomed?

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