How to break up with long hair

How to break up with long hair

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she looks at her relationship and wonders, ‘Is this really working for me?’ And while this is certainly true of romantic relationships, there’s also another important relationship that needs to be reassessed over time – your hair! From colours to cuts, it’s natural to question the state of your hair every now and again, especially with the constant onslaught of hairspo we encounter online (Pinterest, anyone?). And if there’s one trend we’ve all considered succumbing to at some stage, it’s short hair.

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Now I know what you’re thinking – short hairstyles aren’t for me! I need long hair! Short haircuts don’t suit my face shape! But guess what? That may not be true. As it turns out, making the switch from long hair to short hair is easier than you’d think – and there’s a short haircut for every woman. We spoke to celebrity hairstylist and creative director of ELEVEN Australia, Joey Scandizzo to find out how to break up with long hair and find the perfect short hairstyle for you.

Stage One: When it’s not working

If you’re wearing your long hair up everyday (and not just because you have to), it might be time to reevaluate whether this hair relationship is still working. Or maybe you’ve had lengthy locks for a long period of time and you’ve inadvertently ended up in a bit of a hair rut. Or you could be finding that as much as you love your long hair, it just isn’t working for your lifestyle anymore. Either way, with shorter hairstyles trending more than ever, now is the time to consider a change. Joey Scandizzo agrees, adding that cutting your hair short can reinvigorate your hair. “By getting the chop you’ll lose any split ends and add more volume and bounce to your hairstyle, which is perfect for 2017’s natural hair trend!”

Stage Two: Envisioning your life without the length

Sometimes when you’re considering the big chop, getting a fringe seems like the easy option. But if that’s not enough, taking your length shorter may be the change you’re looking for. So how do you know if a shorter haircut will suit you? Joey says it’s easy to tell. “I have a theory – your hair can’t look any shorter than when you have it all pulled back in a slick ponytail. If you can pull that style off, you can definitely find a short hairstyle that works for you.”

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Stage Three: Knowing whether it’s right

Surprisingly, you don’t need the word of a hairstylist or a fancy app on your phone to know if a short haircut will look good on you. “You need to play around with your hair before you cut it off. When your hair is freshly washed and dried, play around with holding it at different lengths around your face,” says Joey. “Tuck it behind your ears and pull bits out around your face and see what lengths accentuate your cheekbones, eyes and highlight your best features.” Once you’ve done this, you should have a good idea of a shorter length that’ll have you speed-dialling your hairdresser.

Stage Four: Cutting it off

So you’ve made the decision to cut your long hair into a short style – good for you! Now it’s time to make that appointment and get chatting to your hairdresser about the style you want. Make sure you arrive armed with serious #hairspo. Not sure where to start? Take your cue from some chic, short-haired celebs. “I love Michelle Williams’ short hair,” says Joey. “It suits her fine features and it’s cut so beautifully that it sits effortlessly and she never looks over-styled.”

But while celebrities are a great place to start, Joey admits that it’s important to be realistic for your individual locks. “If you are going the big chop, you need to make sure you get the best short haircut for your face shape that is tailored for you – not just follow celebrities,” he says. Talk to your hairstylist and discuss a few different styles that will suit your face shape, your hair type and your lifestyle. Luckily, with short hair being such a big trend, there are so many shorter styles to choose from! And no, it’s not all about the lob. “A cut just under the earlobe is a really cute shape and great for girls with finer hair that falls flat,” says Joey. Bye-bye long, lank locks and hello volume!

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Stage Five: Embracing the new you

Congratulations – you did it! Now that you’ve taken the plunge and fallen in love with your new shorter ‘do, you’ll be wanting to maintain it. The bad news? You’ll probably be seeing your hairstylist more regularly. “You need to have your hair regularly trimmed when you chop it short,” says Joey. “When the sides start to grow out it can really bulk out the style, which can make it look ‘mumsy’. Then you start to hate it and think you have to grow it out completely!” To avoid the dreaded ‘mum cut’, make a date with your hairdresser every 4–6 weeks.

Ready for the good news? All those regular cuts will mean a lot less styling time in the morning. “The great thing about this style is the less work you do to it, the better,” says Joey. “You just need to make sure your hair is looking healthy and fresh. Play around with different styling products as it grows, and try using different products for added length and texture.”

And while not a lot of effort is needed, a handful of great products are key for keeping a short hairstyle firmly in the ‘style’ department. Joey recommends using a texturising spray to add volume and a bit of grit to the lengths. “The ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Spray is incredible for short styles as it is a mix of sea salt spray and volume powder. You get the grit from the sea salt and then loads of volume from the powder, without weighing the hair down.” A shaping cream will also make sure that any fly-aways will be dealt with, minus the heavy finish.

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Have you ever broken up with your long hair? Would you ever cut it short?

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