Short and sweet

Short and sweet

Mrs Cruise has been quite the style-setter ever since she chopped off her long locks, but even we were impressed with how well she rocked the waves at the Berlin premiere of Valkyrie last week. So we called man-in-the-know, Mr Brad Ngata, to get him to walk us through the ‘do, here’s how to steal Katie’s style…

1. On pre-washed hair apply a liberal amount of L’Oreal Professionnel Volume Pli Coarsethen blast dry with your blow-dryer until hair is completely dry – this will gives your hair body and help the curls hold later on.

2. Determine where you would normally part your hair and then divide sections from ear to ear.Ӭ

3. Starting with your back section and with a medium size curling iron or ghd styler at the ready, spray hair with a setting lotion like L’Oreal Professionnel Fix Design.

4. Take 6cm x 6cm square sections and wrap the hair clockwise around the iron. Continue this until all the hair in the back section has been curled and on your last section only wrap the hair half way so it’s dropped.”¨

5. Start on the front mimicking the same action as the back. Make sure you are wrapping your hair away from your face, all in the same direction. ӬEach time you start a new section slightly drop the curl placement and again, on the last section only wrap the hair half way.

6. Release the other side and do the same.

7. To finish the style rake the hair out slightly with your finger tips and spray with hairspray to finish.

According to Brad, this style works best on medium length hair with longer layers.

Catch up with Brad at his new salon, Brad Ngata Hair Direction Uptown at Ivy.

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