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Rosemary Shampoo 4.4 10
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Great quality natural shampoo

Even though this shampoo is meant for normal hair, I find this suitable for my extremely dry hair as it is non-drying. Like all of the shampoos made by this great Australian company, I love that it is free of chemicals.

The scent of this shampoo has a rosemary smell which I find pleasant, although I suspect some people may think that the scent is slightly medicinal.

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Well, i think the smell is you either like it or not. I like it but my friend told it was terrible. As a shampoo i am quite impressed, i have had some trouble with oily scalp, it seems to help with it. And my hair stays clean longer. Well done Alchemy!

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mm na

look if you want. your hair
to feel strong and thick
this is for you. it isnt good
for dry hair as it will suck
the living moisture out
of your hair
but i noticed less hair loss
from this

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I Close My Eyes & Enjoy The Scent While Shampooing

This is a very relaxing shampoo to use because I love the scent - real Rosemary just like the fresh picked spriggs from my garden. If you love the smell of Rosemary I think you'd also have to love this.

I literally close my eyes while I'm shampooing with this and just completely relax in it's scent. I can't say the scent hangs around the next day but gee it's gorgeous during shampooing!

It feels very refreshing to wash my oily roots with this as it shampoos thoroughly. I adore the botanical ingredients in this as I feel a close affinity with plants and herbs as I am an avid gardener. Any gardener would appreciate this, especially if they love growing herbs.

A top shampoo that I would definitey buy again!

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I'm so disappointed because i love the smell of this but it left my hair oily, and you seem to need a lot for it to have a decent lather.

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Aussie Company, Yummy hair

This is a great Shampoo from an Aussie Company with Natural ingredients. The Rosemary smell is lovely whilst the shampoo cleans hair well with out over-drying. The only problem I have is the price is a lot more than I would normally pay whilst I also have trouble getting the product out of the bottle.

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Gorgeous smell!

I really enjoyed using this product it smells so good and cleans really well without over drying the hair or scalp and gives a refreshed feeling.

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Smells so invigorating and leaves hair nourished and shiny!

I am absolutely LOVING Alchemy at the moment, they are all organic, Australian made and so effective for keeping my hair in top condition! I'm allergic to the SLS and parabens found in chemical based shampoos and conditioners and found this little beauty at my local health food store. Although this variety is for normal hair I have dry hair and find it's so gentle that I can alternate between this one and Rice Amino! Used in combination with the Avocado and Calendula or Macadamia conditioner it keeps my long locks silky soft, fragrant and so healthy! :)

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All-natural shampoo

This was the first Alchemy product l've tried and l liked it alot. It left my hair shiny, smelling like rosemary and cedarwood and hopefully healthier from the botanical mix.

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5 Stars

This shampoo, like the whole range of Alchemy products, smells divine and feels really great in your hair. Being free of added chemicals and I don't know what else you could ask for. It works a treat!!!

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