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Pantene Pro-V

Aqua Light Shampoo

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Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo has zero residues and zero weight, leaving you with nourished hair. The formula hydrates the hair and leaves it fresh without feeling weighed down or looking flat. The clean-rinse technology delivers hydration and rinses clean. It removes traces of excess residue and preps the hair for the super-light conditioner. Free from silicones.


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Good for a supermarket brand

I received a 40 ml sample of this as part of a beauty box subscription. Pantene calls this a 'lightweight nourishing shampoo'. I trialled it for a week, and I was pleasantly surprised. Used in conjunction with the matching conditioner, my hair did feel lighter, and my blow wave seemed to sit better for longer. It's pleasantly scented and takes little effort to work into hair. It also washed out easily. I only rinsed twice to ensure it was all removed.

For the price point it worked well, but I prefer my hairdressers brand.

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Perfect Shampoo

I use this shampoo on my little sister, who has nice thin straight hair. It works great on her, it leaves her hair looking perfect. I wished I had her hair. I will be re-purchasing this product again for her.

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A step in the right direction for Pantene

I received this as a sample in my March Bellabox and I was not at all excited. I used Pantene years ago when it was all the rage, but I didn't see what the fuss was about. So I begrudgingly tried this shampoo/conditioner combo, hoping to be surprised.

I like that Pantene is taking steps to clean up the brand by leaving some of the nasties out and I like the clear liquid formula. Those pearly shampoos look nice, but they also look very artificial.

Big points to Pantene for a completely non-irritating shampoo. I sometimes get scalp irritation (stinging) from using certain shampoos, but thankfully I had none of that with this shampoo.

The smell is pleasant, though it's pretty typical Pantene. I can't actually pinpoint any components of the fragrance. I prefer products to have identifiable scents (like, "this smells like roses", etc.), otherwise it seems too synthesised.

I aim for a every-second-day wash and with his shampoo, I was able to get to the second day without a greasy look to my hair, so kudos to Pantene for that.

One giant negative for Pantene (for me) is their awful bottles. I hate the tapered bottles and I understand why they put the conditioner in a stand-up bottle (my conditioner bottles almost always end up turned upside down so I can get the conditioner out), but I just don't like the bottles! They are way too big and bulky.

Even though I didn't mind this shampoo overall, I wouldn't buy it. Not when there are so many other options out there.

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The Perfect Shampoo

A great shampoo that deeply cleanses my hair without over drying it. I use this shampoo once a week to clarify my hair as I find clarifying shampoos too harsh on my scalp.

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Love the Shampoo and Conditioner in this line

I've always had problems with my hair being too dry and coarse and frizzy and finding the right products to manage it. I tried a sample of this and loved it and now I use it all the time. The shampoo cleanses my hair very gently without stripping it too much and they leave my hair so soft and shiny and smooth. The smell is lovely too. Will definitely repurchase.

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Petite Pivoine


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Good quality

I've always loved Pantene, regardless of what I've heard about it having too many chemicals, I can trust it to make my hair look good! I can wait longer between washes as my hair doesn't get greasy for a few days after and when I use it with the Pantene conditioner it is really smooth. My hair also doesn't tangle once it's dry which is a real convenience for me, even though I have short hair.

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Fluffy Lightweight Lather - An Excellent Shampoo

The shampoo comes in a 200ml clear plastic squeeze container with a click up swing lid.
The shampoo is a nourishing daily wash for hair.
It is clear with a smooth flow consistency.
Texture is smooth and light.
Fragrance is nice and refreshing, a lovely aroma.
It is applied to wet hair.
I use a small amount in palm and spread over hair.
Finger massage scalp and hair, it creates a rich foam lather.
The fluffy lather is lightweight and cleanses hair well, removes product build up as well as excess oil from scalp.
Its a gentle formula that treats hair well.
The shampoo lather is rinsed thoroughly from hair.
It washes and nourishes hair without leaving residue.
It allows hair to be taken back to a clean, natural, weightless state without stripping the essential goodness from hair.
Its a good shampoo, leaves hair feeling and smelling fresh.

Made in Thailand

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A Nice Shampoo.

I received this as 40ml sample bottle and was quite surprised by the product. Usually I have found Pantene products to be quite harsh on my hair and very difficult to wash completely out of my hair, usually sticking to my scalp. This version however was fairly light on my hair and washed out effortlessly.

The Shampoo has a pleasant smell and left my hair feeling soft, light and easy to manage/style. The shampoo is a clear liquid almost like a gel but a small amount goes a long way and I needed only an amount about the size of a 20c coin.

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Aqua light

I recieved a box sample of the Shampoo and conditioner and was happy with the results, this Shampoo left my hair smooth and shiney and clean. I washed twice to get the best results and a really nice clean fresh feeling for my hair and scalp. It has a plesant smell which lasts after rinced out. I was happy with the results and would use with the Conditioner.

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Great for fine hair

I've received this in generous trial sizes from Pantene and it worked so well, I'll be buying full size.

I've naturally very fine hair but a lot of it - so I find many shampoos weigh my hair down & can leave my locks lank.

Aqua Light on the other hand is perfect for my locks, leaving them clean, shiny, healthy & full of bounce. It doesn't strip my hair of oils & is quite a gentle, but very effective formulation.

Used with the matching conditioner, it works a treat on my fine hair, and also my son has found it works really well for his fine, oily locks. Highly recommended

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