Sexy in the city – page 3

Sexy in the city      – page 3

Confident, copper-haired Miranda has always been renowned for her fiery red tresses, which have become more and more glamorous as each new episode airs. Hairdresser Hamish Glianos says for those who want to recreate Miranda’s style it’s simple. Here’s the how-to … 

1. Miranda’s colour looks like an all-over copper/gold gloss. In the picture it looks lighter at the ends and darker at the roots, but that’s probably due to either the lights or natural colour fade. Because Cynthia Nixon’s natural hair colour is strawberry, the shade is just enhanced.

2. Those curls can be achieved by using the GHD styler. Part the hair down the middle then work your way up from the bottom by taking slices/sections and curling the hair using the GHD. Make sure you use some kind of hairspray or fixation spray for every section you curl, as this will keep it in place. You don’t need to use a lot or else it wont sit naturally.

3. To create a high gloss look and to separate the curls I’d normally put a small amount of GHD’s polishing serum on my hands and rake it through the hair. Any kind of finishing serum/cream would be great for this.

–    Hamish Glianos, Mahogany Hair, Sydney

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