3 sexy hairstyles to try out

3 sexy hairstyles to try out

Many times, I have attempted to try a sexy hairstyle only to struggle, get stuck and spritz some  sea salt spray instead (slight texture is good enough, right?!). But, it’d be nice to have a little bit of variety in my sexy hairstyle arsenal. So I’ve enlisted the help of Nadine Johns-Alcock, National Education Manager, ghd Australia and New Zealand, who has suggested three sexy hairstyles that women can whip out for date night and – even better – explained exactly how you do them at home.

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The Messy Twist-Up ‘Do

Inspiration: Amber Heard’s dreamy, messy-chic updo.


1. Nadine explains that you should wash your hair the night before creating this style and make sure to use a lightweight conditioner on your ends. She also recommends spraying a root lift spray before blasting your mane dry with your hairdryer.

2. Next, “once you’ve applied your makeup, create a deep side parting each side and work into a big plait. Also, plait the back of your hair in one big section,” says Nadine. You should follow this by spritzing heat protectant into each of your three big plaits. bh loves Schwarzkopf Extra Care Heat Styles Heat Protection Spray and Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide.

3. “Use the wide plate of a ghd max styler [part of the ghd gold series] over each plait to create ‘bendy’ texture in the hair,” Nadine instructs. You should then shake your plaits loose and finish with hairspray.

4. Flip your hair over your head and, massage the roots and flip it back upright for a boost of texture.

5. “Make sure your parting is straight and messily gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, leaving out a 5 cm section at the front,” Nadine explains. “Loosely twist the end of your pony up and pin and pull a few strands out to create a messy, sexy finish.”

6. Use your styler to create a wave with the remaining section of hair at the front of your head. “Pointing the nose of the styler to the floor, clamp the section of the hair and rotate away from your face 180 degrees. Glide through to the ends of your hair. Add a little teasing in the root area and fix in place with ghd final fix hairspray,” says Nadine.

Deep Soft Waves

Inspiration: Amanda Seyfried’s classic and feminine waves


1. Before you start styling, wash your hair and apply a volume foam into your damp locks. bh loves ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Foam and TIGI BED HEAD Big Head Volume Boosting Foam.

2. Nadine recommends you blast your hair to 80% dry and then use a large round brush to finish drying your hair while also smoothing out your ends. She suggests using the size 4 ghd ceramic vented radial brush.

3. Next, spray a curl hold spray into dry hair before sectioning off the hair from the tip of your ears upwards and secure with clips.

4. Wrap pieces of hair from the bottom section (that are about 2cm square) around your curling tong while facing it downwards.

5. “Hold the hair on the tong for 5-8 seconds: for fine hair 5 seconds will do, but thicker hair may take up to 8 seconds for the heat to penetrate the section,” says Nadine. And whenever you release your hair from the tong, cup the curl in your hand so it cools before you drop it. Keep going until the whole bottom section is done.

6. Release the top section of your hair and curl it all in the same direction.

7. Spray a final shine spray through your curls and brush through them using an oval brush.

8. Finish with hairspray. bh loves Aveda Air Control Hair Spray and Batiste Stylist – Hairspray.

High Shine Bob

Inspiration: Irina Shayk’s sleek and stylish bob.


1. Wash hair and apply a moisturising mask just make sure to rinse it out thoroughly. bh loves évolis® white deep conditioning mask (bh’s Ellie is obsessed with this one) and Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot Moisture Mask.

2. Nadine then says to apply ghd straight and smooth spray before blasting your hair until its 80% dry.

3. Then, blow dry your hair from roots to ends using a natural bristle round brush.

4. To seal the straightened hair, run a straightener (Nadine suggests the ghd platinum+) over each section.

5. Finish it off with a light shine spray.

What’s your go-to sexy hairstyle? Will you try any of these?

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