Blonde ambitions

Blonde ambitions

What’s brassy, bold and has more fun? A bar full of beauty editors in blonde wigs. It takes a lot to turn the beauty media into a frenzied pack of posers playing dress ups and vamping in front of the camera (the dress ups part that is, not so much the posing, some would say that’s just part of the gig) but the lure of being instantly, totally and temporarily blonde did it.

Ever worn a wig to a party? It’s like turning up the volume on your personality and that’s exactly what happened at the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe event in Sydney a couple of nights ago.

After the formalities to launch Schwarzkopf’s new in-salon blonding range were over, the lights went up to reveal a mezzanine salon complete with hairdressers standing by to fit everyone with a way out blonde wig. There was long and curly, straight with bangs, short and spiky, platinum, ash and butterscotch, even an afro. It wasn’t so much about choosing one to flatter, more of a snatch and grab for the wackiest.

Talk about a lark. Everyone wanted one and within minutes, the venue was a sea of blinding blonde. Spotting the friends you arrived with was near impossible and everyone was screeching and giggling at the transformations.

Even the handful of men in the room donned blonde rugs. With hilarious results I should add. Funny how many of them, once wigged up, had an Andy Warhol thing going on. Even before the daggy dancing started.

Yes, there was dancing. I blame the wigs. As for the photographer running the studio, who was inundated with beauty eds wanting their blonde ambition immortalised, well he deserves a medal for bravery. Maybe two. Blonde turns everyone into a show-off it seems.

Have you ever vamped it up in a wig? 

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