I tried a dry shampoo for brunettes and I’m never going back


A few years ago I learned that it’s good to leave dry shampoo in your hair for five minutes before massaging it through. But any brunette will tell you, that’s playing with fire. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tip and my hair always looks fresher and cleaner for it. But, I’m a dingus that gets easily distracted in five minutes, and I’ve ended up leaving the house with white residue all over my head way more than I would have liked.

So, a dry shampoo for brunettes? My dream come true. I’ve been trialling the new Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Brown Dry Shampoo for a couple of weeks now and I love it. It comes out completely dark, so I can finally say goodbye to all those puzzled looks from strangers trying to figure out why my hair is white.

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The dry shampoo is super easy to use. A quick shake and a few sprays (about 20 cm from the head) is all it takes. I wait my five minutes, massage it in and BAM – my gross third-day hair is grease-free. The colour blends right in and my hair looks more voluminous and refreshed.

The Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Brown Dry Shampoo has a sweet chocolate scent and comes in a fun and quirky can. It’s a nice change of pace from the monochrome and minimalist beauty products that populate my vanity these days. And, that makes it easy to spot, grab and go. Good thinking Schwarzkopf!

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Have you tried the Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Brown Dry Shampoo? Do you use dry shampoo for brunette hair?

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