Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist


Twenty participants aged over 25 who were concerned about damaged hair.The triallers were instructed to use Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist apply the colour to unwashed hair, covering the entire head of hair. They were advised to follow the colour with the supplied post-colouring repair sealer as well as a supplied repair reviver three weeks after colouring. The triallers were advised to use the colour every four weeks for root regrowth if required.



of members found Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist easy to apply to their hair.


of members found that the OMEGAPLEX formula within Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist left their hair feeling healthy.


of members would recommend Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist their friends and family.


of members were satisfied overall with the colour result of Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist.

beautyheaven says…

, Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist is an at-home hair colour enriched with professional anti-breakage OMEGAPLEX technology for up to 90 per cent less hair breakage. The salon technology allows for long-lasting colour intensity and grey coverage while protecting and reinforcing hair bonds. Most triallers found that the product effectively coloured their hair and enjoyed the overall colour result. The majority of triallers also reported that the product effectively covered any grey hairs and left their hair feeling healthy and soft. Most triallers found the product easy to apply and enjoyed the convenience of applying the colour at home. The majority of triallers also reported that they appreciated the softness that the OMEGAPLEX formula added to their hair. *Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Schwarzkopf for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

nd to your hair and forget the rest!

it comes to home colouring, price is the least of my concerns – colour is my main priority closely followed by the condition of my tresses after dyeing. I followed the instructions for a regrowth application, which is 20 minutes on the roots, and 10 on the ends. There’s the usual ammonia smell, but it’s nowhere near as intense as others I’ve tried. The first indication of the breakthrough kindness of this formula was when I rinsed off – my hair felt so amazingly soft instead of wiry, brittle and dry, and I could easily comb it without snagging. I swear it was as if I’d done a deep conditioning treatment already! I then applied the After Colouring Repair Sealer for a few minutes and blow-dried as usual – the result was glossy, healthy-looking, soft as silk hair that’s been so easy to manage. This is the most loving home hair colouring kit I’ve EVER come across. I had no idea I could achieve such a fabulously conditioning result outside of a salon, and I honestly can’t imagine using anything else ♥…read more reviews here

hair at home. Doesn’t disappoint.

ularly use straightening or curling wands and suffer from breakage from having a baby. You could say my hair isn’t in great shape! I have been home colouring for the last five years since having my first child. I have lots of greys around my roots and the side parts of my hair. I concentrate the majority of the application on these parts. After drying my hair, I was really impressed with the colour. Not only did I not stain any of my bathroom or my towels but the product gave me a gorgeous medium brunette colour that was super soft and no greys showing. The colour certainly put some moisture back into my hair giving it a soft, silky feeling. The colour was the same beautiful shade from the roots to the tips. I will certainly repurchase the Colour Specialist. It’s very gentle on my scalp, no smell, anti-drip and gives a salon colour.…read more reviews here

des great coverage and a rich colour

chwarzkopf Colour Specialist is a lovely hair colour. It provided a really rich colour, which covered all my grey hairs – even some which are resistant to some hair dyes. The colour mixture spread very easily, and I found it particularly easy to get full coverage of my hair. I have slightly longer than shoulder length hair, and one package was sufficient for me. Also, the mixture had no smell, which is great. It covered my regrowth, the remains of a previous colour, and all my grey hairs, and doesn’t look uneven or too flat. It’s done a great job and I’d definitely use this again. The next day my hair felt in pretty good condition – soft, and it styled well. It doesn’t feel like it’s heavily coated with colour despite the excellent coverage.…read more reviews here

and Super Soft

I am actually so impressed with the results of this hair colour. I have been colouring my hair at home for over five years now and recently I started noticing that the condition of my hair was getting more brittle, damaged and dry. I was expecting this to be like any other box dye, great colour but makes my hair super dry or become unruly. However, as I was rinsing out the dye in the shower, my hair felt incredibly soft. It felt as if I had put on a deep conditioning hair mask because my hair was super soft. I proceeded to apply the deep conditioner which was thick, buttery and felt luxurious. I am incredibly pleased with the results. My hair looks shinier, the colour is vibrant and beautiful and my hair is incredibly soft. I might even add that my hair feels softer now than it did before. The product has the OMEGAPLEX serum which strengthens the hair fibre and deeply nourishes it during the colouring phase. For reference, I have black hair and I used shade 4.9 Subtle Amethyst. The colour turned out to be a beautiful deep purple that shines in the sun.…read more reviews here

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