Hair transformation: Root stretch

Hair transformation: Root stretch

Blondies, listen up. I’d been a full-head blonde foil fiend for the past nine years, and after falling into a total hair rut and feeling like I simply could not keep up with my regrowth, I decided to embrace it instead. So, I took the plunge and underwent a hair transformation at the infamous Edwards and Co salon in Alexandria for a root stretch. And I’ve never looked back since.

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The super talented colourist, Torie, took the lead on my weak and lifeless locks, using a free-hand painting technique to apply a Revlon Professional semi-permanent colour to my roots, stretching the colour down my lengths. She matched the colour as closely to my natural colour as possible to it blended seamlessly into the roots, and will make the regrowth really subtle. This also meant that I would only need to get my colour refreshed twice a year! Talk about saving money, and time!

She then also used a free-hand painting technique to blend a creamy blonde hue through the lengths and ends of my hair, and also around my face to help to brighten up my complexion. After rinsing out the colour, she applied a toner throughout my hair and then washed it.

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I’m completely overjoyed with the results for a number of reasons. One, I’ve been wanting to change up my colour for a long time, and make a slow transition into being brunette, so this look is a great start. Secondly, I only have to get my hair colour done twice a year now, and it will take half the time of a full head of blonde foils! Thirdly, I don’t have to worry about my regrowth looking hideous and spending hours in the salon getting my roots done. And finally, the root stretch look is seriously on trend right now, along with a whole host of other blonde/brunette colours like bronde and balayage.

Check out the before and afters of my root stretch below.

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Would you like to try a root stretch? Have you ever had a hair transformation?

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