How-to: rock an impressively vibrant head of hair

How-to: rock an impressively vibrant head of hair

When it comes to impressive ‘dos, many ladies think it’s all about rocking the latest celebrity-approved chop (hello, Posh bob), or the newest balayage technique.

The fact is, a sure-fire way to look your very best is to stick close to your natural hair colour and simply improve upon what you already have. That means adding shine, upping the intensity of your colour and maintaining a natural look.

So how do you do it? We all know about the home remedies that can boost hair brilliance – a rinse with ice-cold water, a squeeze of lemon to lighten your locks, a weekly olive oil mask to improve shine – but somehow they don’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to colour and shine a la Bella Thorne.

We’ll let you in on a secret… You can give your tresses the gift of vibrancy with the help of Garnier Colour Sensation.

Why will it be better than my current hair colour?

Enriched with mother-of-pearl and one of the most unique intense pigments you’ll come across in a hair colour, Garnier Colour Sensation adds a shot of shimmery bold colour to your current hair hue and a shine so brilliant, your friends and co-workers will need shades.

What will the result look like?

Garnier Colour Sensation is an intense permanent colour cream that delivers extra long-lasting colour as well as a glossy pearl shine and 100 per cent coverage of grey hairs. Better still, the flower oil fragrance will leave your mane smelling amazing!

What are the benefits of colouring my hair at home versus visiting the hairdresser?

Well, this at-home hair colour delivers up to nine weeks of vibrant colour and shine and costs just $9.95. Plus, it comes in 12 bold and luxurious shades, so you won’t have a problem finding the colour that suits you!

What are your thoughts on colouring hair at home? What do you look for in an at-home hair colour?

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