Robert Pattinson dishes the dirt on his dandruff

Robert Pattinson dishes the dirt on his dandruff

In an interview with US show Entertainment Tonight, Hollywood’s hottest vampire Robert Pattinson admitted he has “many, many flaws”, one of which being dandruff.

It’s refreshing to learn that even movie stars suffer the trials of everyday hair woes just like us ordinary folk, but I’m not so sure it’s something I’d have publicly admitted in an interview. Some things are best left unsaid, don’t you think.

However, on the upside – and great news for the more mature lovelies among us (count me in!) – Pattinson made known in his interview that he’s open to dating older women, saying “I’m pretty much open to anything.”

I wonder if he might be open to trialing a few dandruff-busting products and sharing his thoughts on beautyheaven? Maybe we should get on to his publicist…

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