Is this hair colour the new balayage?

Is this hair colour the new balayage?

Are you interested in new hair trends? Are you over the obvious two-tone effect of balayage? Are you in the market for a new look? A look that will bring new life to your locks? Blimey, you don’t ask for much do you?

Introducing Riviera Lights. I like to think of this trend as like the more natural, little sister of balayage. An all-over, Jennifer Aniston-style lightening treatment, Riviera Lights is inspired by the natural all-over highlights that are obtained by women in the French Riviera who wear their hair scooped back off their faces.

These natural highlights around the hairline are also similar to those found naturally on small children. The purpose of Riviera Lights is to lift your natural hair colour in a subtle, yet striking way.

I headed straight to the DARIO salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, to find out more…

bh: Tell us what the Riviera Lights technique involves?
DARIO salon: Riviera lights is inspired by the chic and refined style of the French and Italian Riviera in the height of summer. Picture beach-ready beauties with their hair piled high on their heads and adorned with glamorous hair slides and clips. The technique itself is a combination of traditional foil highlights with a more intuitive placement, as well as balayage to give the best of both treatments. The colour result enhances the style by creating a look as if the sun itself has slowly lightened the hair over summer. Creating natural sun streaks all over and underneath is an important part of the technique as the hair is worn up to show off bronzed necks and shoulders.

bh: Is it just for brunettes? Who does it suit?
DARIO salon: It’s a great choice for brunettes wanting to go a little lighter as the natural-looking result of the technique doesn’t have the definite contrast from dark to light that is created by balayage or the regrowth from traditional highlights. However it’s suitable for anyone wanting to enhance their hair with the mood of summer. It is also great for darker blondes who wish to have the sun-kissed look, too. The careful choosing of colour shades used is the key to obtain subtle lift and tones in perfect harmony with each individual’s skin and natural hair colour.
Medium to longer hair types get the most from Riviera Lights as the technique is really about enhancing the look of hair swept up at the sides and the back.

bh: Is Balayage still a popular technique or has it had its day?
DARIO salon:Balayage is as popular as ever, however too much can result in over-lightened and dry-looking ends. The goal should be to recreate sun lights – not sun damage!  
Balayage seems to have become a little lost. It started as a beautiful hand-painted technique adapted to each client for an individual look. Now it has become more commercial, being used by hairdressers beyond what it was designed for and a clichéd “balayage look” has developed.

bh: Is there a celeb that rocks a similar look to Riviera Lights?
DARIO salon:Blake Lively, Chloe Grace, models Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss have all sported the look this summer.

bh: What else will we be seeing a lot of this summer?
Dario salon: A very soft pink tone on ladies with bright blonde hair – or blonde pieces (foils or lightened ends) is a huge trend right now. Psst… learn how you can create your own temporary tinted locks right here…

Riviera Lights, RRP: $280 – $320, DARIO Salon, Darlinghurst,

What do you think of this new colour trend? Sound like something you would try?

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