Rewards Room Is Open Now!


The beautyheaven Rewards Room is officially open…

Log into beautyheaven and START SHOPPING. Remember, it’s first come, first serve, so check-out before it’s too late.

We’re also giving you the chance to WIN a Best of Rewards Room 2021 Prize Pack (handpicked by the beautyheaven team), and valued up to $1000!

EVERY ORDER will be ONE ENTRY into the draw to win.*

Don’t Forget

The more points you spend per order, the more points you’ll get back! So don’t hold out, make sure you make the most of Rewards Room being open…

Spend 300-499 points = 100 points back/200 points back for Platinum members

Spend 500-699 points= 200 points back/300 points back for Platinum members

Spend 700+ points = 300 points back/400 points back for Platinum members

Rewards Room closes 5pm AEDST 3rd December 2021

Please note: Only members who have reached Silver, Gold, or Platinum status are able to shop in the Rewards Room open shop front and cash in their points for beauty products.


Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the beautyheaven Rewards Program.

Member Sign Up

If you are not already a member, sign up today for you chance to be apart of the beautyheaven Rewards Room program next year. Click Here to become a member today!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I didn’t have enough points for everything on my wishlist but still managed to make one order for most of what I wanted. Thanks BH – I really liked the function where you could add all from your wishlist to cart, that made things so much easier.

  2. Done all my shopping, for some reason I think it may have let me spend 10 more points than I had (although it may be my adding up!). I hope nothing drops off so I will make sure I do some article commenting just in case! Enjoy your shopping

  3. Note: point updating after shopping is DELAYED! Be careful with keeping a track of your points. You will either end up in minus or not get all items ordered.

    I calculated my orders and got them. So nothing went over. My points are still higher than they should be. So I could spend more, but will be unfair for girls who want to buy item and have points for , and I already bought last one, not even having points for it.

  4. RR opened for me before 10am! So didn’t miss out on anything. Just a few sold out items now.

    Can not wait to try everything, as have ordered this time new brands, new products…new everything..personalised discovery bags!

  5. This was a terrific Beautorium – so great to be able to purchase across items, and for the first time I could take my time choosing and things didn’t just disappear from my cart.

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