It’s time to revive your 9-to-5 look


Office wear can be uninspiring, so if you feel like your day-to-day look is lacking, there are ways to revive it without breaking the bank – starting with your hair.

So, turn it up a notch and rock these seriously glamorous curls thanks to ghd. The best part? They’re quick and easy to do – two of our favourite things!

Products used

ghd platinum® styler
ghd heat protect spray
ghd paddle brush

Start with dry hair. Brush through it with a ghd paddle brush and apply ghd heat protect spray to the mid-lengths and ends.

Separate your hair into two sections – top and bottom – and clip the top half away so you can style the bottom section easily.

Split your loose hair into smaller sections. Take your first section, and position the ghd platinum® styler just below the ear before clamping it shut.

bh tip: If you have short hair or you want your curls to start from the top of your head, you can position the ghd platinum® styler at a higher starting point.)

Next, rotate the the ghd platinum® styler 360 degrees to create the first part of your curl. Keeping the ghd platinum® styler clamped shut, slowly slide it down your hair, rotating the styler as you go. When you reach the end of your hair, simply release the styler – you should now have created your first curl!

bh tip: Twist each just-curled section of hair around your index finger to enhance the curl.

The ghd platinum® styler is a great option for creating curls as it’s designed with three sensors in each plate to distribute heat evenly. The styler also features tri-zone® technology that helps you to curl your hair more efficiently, while simultaneously protecting them from damage.

Repeat step three until you have curled your entire head of hair.

Finish with a light spray of hairspray to ensure your curls last as long as you do.

How do you revive your office look?

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