Bang, bang

Bang, bang

The fringe is back. It’s official. Some may think it never went away, but let’s face it, 2008 has been a year of yo-yoing back and forth between trends, with fashions changing quicker than the blink of an eye.

Of course, I’ve had my fringe since April which either means I’m way ahead of the fashion pack or seriously, seriously behind. I think I’ll stick with the former.

Stars of the A, B, C (and Z) variety have been spotted around Tinsletown flaunting their ‘bangs’ like there’s no tomorrow. Yummy mummy Jessica Alba is the latest to rock the fringe, and instead of making her look like she’s back in fifth grade, it actually gives her a newfound sophistication.

Yummy mummy numero dos, Christina Aguilera, has also been busy reaping fringe benefits; although her look nods towards ‘40s stars like Joan Crawford. It’s a bold statement, but then I guess we are talking about the girl who single-handedly tried to bring back leather chaps. So what does one need to rock a fringe apart from a little pizazz? These super styling tools, that’s what:

Lady Jayne Rollers – Self Hold
Designed to grip without pins, these rollers are quick and easy to use on damp or dry hair. They come in extra small, medium and extra large (handily colour-coded for those last-minute curl crises) and will help you ‘do a Christina’ in no time.

Elite Rat Tail Comb
Use the tail end to tuck hair around or lift sections away from rollers, and ALWAYS give the fringe a final brush with the comb end before you duck out the door: a block fringe always looks fullest after a quick comb.  

Pantene Pro-V Curl Lock Hairspray
This light, flexible hold hairspray will allow curly styles to withstand wind and humidity – perfect in these temperamental times!

Go forth girls and reap the fringe benefits!

Whose fringe are you coveting right now?


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