Electrified angels

Electrified angels

Fashion has been trying to tempt me back to the old Crimp and Curl Barbie days for a while now. Yet I remained unconvinced when Chanel, Vera Wang, Michael Kors et al sent halos of kinky hair down the runway last year. And, though I respected how she rocked it, not even Portia de Rossi’s crimped Oscars ’07 ‘do could entice me.

But the ethereal visions that floated down Rebecca Taylor’s recent NY catwalk did look persuasively pretty…

I’m still not sold on corrugated fringes as seen at Nicoll in London, mind you, or the horizontal bends haphazardly tonged into mid-lengths at Peter Jensen, but Taylor’s electrified angels had me at hello. True, I think it’s got something to do with the pops of aqua eyeliner too, but there’s something I love about the soft, whisked texture and volume of this look.

So, finally inspired to brave the frizz, though not my styler circa 1984 (electrified is metaphor only), I’ve done a little digging on new wave crimping irons. Investigations reveal that Remington’s 3in1 Straight ‘N Wave Straightener also happens to have kinking capabilities, featuring a crimper that can be detached when you’re not having a Flashdance flashback.

But how to wield it for chic rather than disco freak? Back when crimping retook the runway last year, European uber styler Bertram K told me (I was interviewing him for a trend report) that fashion’s frizzed-out 80s moment was not meant to be taken to the street. He suggested that, to translate the trend, we could stick to crimping sections and lightly brushing only them into fairy floss. Or, to give flat hair extra oomph, crimp under layers and smooth silky layers over the top.

I’m up for it, but what do you think? Is this look electrically elegant or just electrocuted?

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