Reese Witherspoon’s “Total Movie Star” Hair Was Created Using This Heat Tool

Reese Witherspoon’s “Total Movie Star” Hair Was Created Using This Heat Tool

Reasons we love Reese Witherspoon walking a red carpet: she provides endless glam inspo, she always has a bit of fun, and most importantly, we’re guaranteed to receive plenty of behind the scenes tips and tricks. And the 2022 SAG Awards were no exception. Following her recent appearance, Reese’s hairstylist Lona Vigi has spilled all the details on how she created the Veronika Lake-inspired curls. Spoiler alert: there’s one very savvy heat tool behind the look,  L’Oréal’s Professional Steampod 3.0 ($330, Adore Beauty).  

Talking to People, Vigi revealed that the final concept for Reese’s hair came about through a “collaborative and creative process”, eventually landing on “an old Hollywood feel, but still completely modern, total movie star hair.” 

To begin, Reese’s hair was pre-styled using a sculpting mousse like the Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot Hair Mousse ($19.95, Oz Hair And Beauty), followed by a heat protectant spray like the ghd Bodyguard ($35, Oz Hair And Beauty). 

After her mane was prepped and ready to go, Lona then went in with the L’Oréal Professional Stempod 3.0 to create the ‘50s, glossy waves.

“I was mesmerised and very impressed – this product can truly do it all,” Vigi shared, speaking of the third version of L’Oréal’s steam-powered hair styler. The new and improved model is lighter, slimmer and easier to use. Whether you’re straightening or adding waves, the combination of heat and steam helps to prevent frizz. And in a study conducted by the brand, users saw 91 per cent less damage than other heat tools.

To achieve Reese’s soft curls, Lona explains: “I started by holding the iron in a vertical position, starting at one side, and working my way to the other, wrapping the hair through the iron, and creating the shape I wanted with wrist movements, then letting it cool.” 

“While this is a heated tool, the steam causes way less damage to the hair which I love, and also allows for zero frizz,” she continued. “The size of the plates on the iron was also great for a more technical style.”

To finish, the curls were gently brushed through in sections and finished with hairspray to ensure they didn’t lose their refined shape.

For a slightly more affordable, and equally as impressive steam-powered heat tool, we recommend trying the VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance – VSS9900A ($199, currently $169.95, Myer). 

What do you think about Reece’s look? Do you want to try the steam-powered straightener?

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  1. I love everything about this look. I especially love the blue sash and her necklace and I would love to give the straightener a go on my frizzy hair. It needs any help it can get.

  2. It isn’t something I would be interested in personally , but it does look like a good product if you want to heat style your hair and try a few different looks, straighteners can be very versatile.

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