Your ultimate guide to going red

Your ultimate guide to going red

We hear and see a lot of blondes and brunettes, but a rich shade of red hair is undeniably gorgeous. But if you’re not naturally red and want to give it a try, it can be challenging to figure out the best red hair for your skin tone.

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That’s where we come in! With the help of Joey Scandizzo, celebrity hairstylist and creative director of ELEVEN Australia, we’ll have you chock full of red hair color ideas and help you find the best red hair for your skin tone. Get ready because your hair is about to look flaming hot…

Should I go red?

If you’re wanting to break out the hair dye and go red, Joey says that the most important thing is to find the best shade of red hair for your skin tone. “There are many different shades of red and not every shade suits every skin tone. Going red can bring out a lot of pink, yellow or ashy tones in your skin,” he explains.  “I always suggest clients have a full consultation with their hairdresser before taking the leap and going red.”

Alternatively, Joey has another suggestion for finding the best red hair for your skin tone. “Try on several tops or scarves in different shades of red and see which one suits your skin and eye colour,” he says. “It might be more of a blue-purple based red or an orange-pink based red that works.”  

On the plus side, Joey says that red in one of the easiest colours to create on any given hair type. “Like any colour work, the best results come from hair that has been treated correctly and it all depends on the condition of your hair,” he says. “But there shouldn’t be any issue for anyone wanting to go red. Adding warmth to hair is often much easier than trying to remove it.”

What shade of red should I choose?

Now that you’ve decided to go red, it’s time to find the best red hair for your skin tone. “Lighter and fairer skin tones often suit rose gold, blush, strawberry and copper tones,” says Joey.  “Medium skin tones can suit auburn and richer reds, and dark skin works well with chestnut or purple-based reds.”

Eye colour plays a part in the best red for your skin tone, too. “Green eyes always look incredible with red hair or bright blue eyes can also look beautiful,” says Joey.

Your current haircut can also dictate the colours that will look best. “Personally, I think if you have super curly hair, steer clear of bright red shades as it can look a bit much,” advises Joey. “I am a fan of less-is-more so if you have a really strong haircut, keep the colour more subtle. But if you have a really lived-in, undone vibe then you can make the colour more intense for a nice contrast.”

Still not sure which shade is for you? Take your cues from the runway and the red carpet. Joey says that coppery, orange-based reds are having a moment.  “Rose gold blush toes are also beautiful in light or dark shades. Even though you know they are not natural, they look like they could be and the effect is really pretty and elegant.”

Is there much maintenance involved?

As with any hair colour, you will need take care of your red hair. Depending on your natural hair colour you may need to contend with regrowth, but the biggest reason for caring for your new hue is to keep the glossy colour intact. Luckily, this can mostly be done at home. “To maintain the richness, brightness or tone of the red, it is best to use products like the Miracle Hair Treatment from ELEVEN Australia,” suggests Joey.  “It contains UVA and UVB protectant so hair is shielded from the sun’s rays.”

Joey also recommends giving your red hair a regular treatment to keep the colour locked in place. “3 Minute Repair by ELEVEN Australia is our most popular because it only take 3 minutes and it is jam-packed with equal parts protein and moisture to see hair strong and healthy and is colour safe.”

A colour-safe shampoo and conditioner is also a must so that you don’t see your new red hue wash straight down your shower drain.

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Want more ideas for the best red hair for your skin tone? Click through the gallery to see Joey’s favourite red shade-spo…

Strawberry blonde

Nicole Kidman

Copper red

Emma Stone

Orange-based red

Florence Welch

Auburn red

Julia Roberts

Have you ever had red hair? Would you try it?

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