How to create messy, effortless waves


Unless you’re gifted with natural curls, tousled waves are usually reserved for special occasions or when you’ve got plenty of time to spare. While the finished product is a messy, yet effortless-looking hairstyle – it’s rarely achieved quickly and easily – until now.

We’re not going to lie, we were a little sceptical when we were told the Philips Easy Natural Curler could be used with one hand and that it seriously speeds up the curling process. But once we tried it, boy were we impressed.

Check it out in action in the video above OR see below for a quick wrap up:

The tool has clever clamping plates that hold the hair in place so you can curl in a single movement with one hand (and you won’t burn yourself because the plates are concealed).

To create a messy, natural look, use two types of curls – an inward curl and an outward curl. To create an outward curl, twist the styler away from your face in a half circle and move it slowly and continuously, keeping the plates parallel to the floor. For an inward curl, twist the styler in a full circle so the hair is completely wrapped around it and pull down slowly.

It’s easy to do the back of your head as the clamping plates hold the hair in place. There’s no need to twist and turn or call a friend for help!

Not to mention, the styler is super lightweight and compact – so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Do you like the look of messy, effortless waves? What’s your biggest gripe when it comes to curling your hair?

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